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Hi I'm Andrew Schneider

I was formerly a unbelieving atheist whose life was transformed by a truth and reality to transcend all imagination.

About Me

I am a person whose life has changed so dramatically in recent times as to render my tongue (or fingertips in this case) utterly unable to sufficiently articulate the manner of transformation and degree of impact from certain divine intervention. There is hardly a jumping off point to describe the person I am becoming and the places traveled in the past that seem like a waking dream in another realm. I suppose my story is not very different from other Mormon converts who have shared the account of their pathways sewn together in a familiar tapestry. What can be said when God reveals Himself and the reality of His Church again on the earth today, in such a personal and profound fashion that is absolutely true, yet impossible to adequately explain? How can I confess even a fraction of my heart concerning many witnesses of how much God loves and guides us as His children every day? With all the doubt that used to exist in my mind as an atheist and antagonist to people of faith whom I thought to be ignorant victims of the ultimate con job, I now foster a deep love and respect for all of humanity, regardless of their faith or the lack thereof in a growing world of disbelief and carnal embellishments. I am the type of person who has always thought very deeply and felt the equivalent measure of emotional outpouring. After many years of living by the world's standards, I find myself in an astounding position to positively influence the world step by step and person by person.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints quite simply because it is undeniably the Lord's only true and living Church upon the earth today. No person told me this, but God. He revealed Himself in personal and miraculous ways after years of doubt for religion and feeling the effects of sin. But, God also led me forth to know His Church was restored again in the latter days of the world. I have gratefully received a strong and burning testimony of eternal truths since God first enlightened me. After thousands of years where humanity resided in spiritual darkness, the power and authority of God to establish, organize, and administer His Church is once again entrusted into the hands of those called to this purpose. I have felt the spiritual confirmation that a living prophet is on the earth again as testified in the Bible for ancient times. While all who walk the earth today are imperfect and Jesus Christ is the only one who ever lived a perfect and sinless life, I know the organization of the Lord's Church is perfect and according to patterns shown in the Bible. I have witnessed how the ordinances of salvation were restored to the earth so the same Priesthood authority as in ancient times can once again bless the whole human race. It is through a loving Heavenly Father that His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, does a mighty work. Any religion that does not require a willing heart and determined mind ready to sacrifice everything for God's purposes cannot secure eternal blessings. God will not necessarily require such a sacrifice, but the desire to look past the world prepares one to receive eternal covenants made by Priesthood authority to follow His commandments and conform with God's standards to protect from evil and grow spiritually. This is the power of spiritual rebirth to follow the Savior and one day rest in the Kingdom of God, having exercised faith and received strength by Priesthood authority to do the works of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I try live one day at time, prayerfully seeking to know and do the will of God over my own will, the distractions and deceptions of the world, and the influences contrary to spiritual progression in this life. While I make mistakes every day, I find that putting as much trust and faith in God as I can muster, makes all the difference in how I feel, think, and act towards becoming more like the Savior, as well as helping others to do the same. I have been heavily involved in Missionary work since receiving my first calling in the Church. I've witnessed the power and presence of the Holy Ghost in touching hearts and changing lives of people who were not aware prior to those moments, just how much God loves them and is prepared to change their natures and lives. My heart desired so strongly to serve a full-time mission since first witnessing the divine truths of God through the Holy Ghost. But, the timing of my membership in the Church with age, a wife, and young children made it prohibitive to do so. By trying to magnify and fulfill each successive calling in the area of Missionary work, I have come to feel a great sense of love for God's children and a closeness to the Savior with understanding more about how we are loved. Though I may never serve a full time mission on earth, I am infinitely grateful God has extended such blessings to me in doing Missionary work. In order to live the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one must establish a steadfast conviction and testimony from what God shares with them through a daily routine of commitment. This involves heartfelt prayer, studying the scriptures, sharing the Gospel with others, seizing moments to bless God's children with service, standing fast in that which is true and good, faith, repentance, obedience, sacrifice, and many others. But, even with all those things exercised often, I would fall way short of any potential if it were not for the redeeming mercy of God given through Jesus Christ.