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Hi I'm Kristin Alldredge Shaeffer

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona. I am a mom of five, a neighborhood enthusiast, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

When I was growing up in a very big family, I learned to get responsibilities done despite distractions, to try new things, to believe in myself, and to keep the peace. These lessons have helped me as a mom. I have been surprised at how my five children are so different from each other. They were each born with certain personalities, interests, and talents. My husband and I lead and love them as they develop into the men and woman God would have them become. Now, despite the distractions of worldly matters, I have kept my focus on my family. We have family dinner every night plus family prayer and scripture study almost every night. We have solidified our faith and relationships through family home evening, church attendance, and road/camping trips. These activities also keeps our priorities in check. I still like to try new things such as composting, street hockey, and writing music. I know I can do anything I put my mind to and believe me, I have learned to keep the peace at home and in our community.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was ten years old, while listening to a story of service in primary, I began to cry. The tears were not from sadness or pain, but seemed to come from my heart as I felt the joy of my teacher’s experience. After arriving home I related the experience to my mother who insightfully said, “The feeling that touched your heart was the Holy Ghost.” I am so grateful for my mother! By identifying the spirit in my youth she allowed me to recognize it on a frequent basis from then on. Through prayer, scripture study, service, church attendance, and depending on my Savior’s redeeming love I have become sensitive to the Spirit’s whisperings. I have imagined living near Jesus during his earthly ministry. I may have been preparing food for my family or shopping in the market when hearing about a humble teacher who taught of a loving God and serving our fellow men. I would have been intrigued. I know that if my son had rushed into our dwelling and excitedly spoken of a miracle he had witnessed by this Jesus Christ, I would have believed him with all my heart. Then as I may have been standing in a doorway, and felt a crowd past, I would have raised my eyes and caught a glimpse of Jesus himself. I know I would have been moved by His Spirit and I would have been compelled to gather my little ones and follow him. I know I would have lived for Him from that point on. I am so sure in my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ that I pattern my life after His teachings today. His Gospel is clearly taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The LDS people around me are full of sincere compassion for their fellow men and honest in living a Christ-like standard. My greatest fulfillment is being close to Jesus Christ and helping my family come closer to Him.

How I live my faith

We all know that the grass often seems greener on the other side, especially for a parent looking for the best school, church, or musical programs. However, complaining or escaping your given situation usually doesn't remedy the situation. I've found that building up the schools and neighborhood immediately around me has benefitted my children and others. Instead of moving to a renowned school out of our neighborhood, we decided to build up the schools in walking distance to our home. I've been a volunteer in many capacities at these neighborhood schools. As many parents, teachers and I have worked hard to reach our goals, we have seen improvements so visible that not only local families are more attracted to the schools, but those from outside our area as well. I have also volunteered on school district committees, organized neighborhood musical theater groups, lead neighborhood block watch meetings, and helped secure a grant that will help fund the renovation of our neighborhood park. I have helped strengthen our local cub scout pack, which allowed many neighborhood boys to engage in wholesome and character building activities. I have marched with them in our Veteran's Day Parade for many years. In addition to serving in the cub scouts at many levels, I have been primary president, helping those that teach the children in our neighborhood LDS ward. I hope that by strengthening our community, my children have a greater appreciation of the phrase, "Bloom where you are planted." We have built up our schools and community instead of moving to or borrowing the benefits of another. My children know that I care about them, our neighbors, and education. In addition, by keeping most of our school, sports, and musical activities close to home, I have been able to spend time with my kids that I may otherwise have spent driving them to farther opportunities. Life isn’t perfect, but our grass seems quite green most of the time.