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Hi I'm Jim

I am Mormon living in southeast Michigan. I've been an active member of the Church since the late 1950's.

About Me

Having been raised in the SE Michigan region, I've had the wonderful opportunity to raise 5 beautiful children (3 boys and 2 girls). I enjoy participating in the lives of my children and their children as I delight in the prosperity of their spirits. Of particular interest to me is the arts as I enjoy live theater and musical (vocal) performances. I'm fortunate to be able to participate in a traveling regional choir as well as sing with my local congregation. I've been fortunate to participate in Boy Scouting as a youth and have continued to work with you both in Church as well in the community in scouting and in community baseball. In my spare time (yes, I actually have spare time once in a while) I enjoy reading a wide range of genre from adventure to non-fiction as well as science fiction.

Why I am a Mormon

When my parents joined the Church I was a young child of 7. As it came time for me to be baptized (performed by immersion when a child reaches the age of 8) I was not ready while I was young, I knew I needed to learn more of the LDS Church before I would be baptized. After several months of additional teaching and self searching (yes, even an 8 year-old can do this!) I was baptized and have never regretted my time in the Church. Since that happy day of baptism, I have had the opportunity be involved in scouting as a youth to earn my Eagle Scout award, participate in an International Jamboree, serve a 2-year mission to the people in Austria, meet a wonderful woman and be married for all time and eternity. We've raised 5 very wonderful children together and now enjoy watching them build strong lives on their own. But to ask 'why I am a Mormon' to look back on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has shaped my life. How that life has then influenced others, family, friends and to witness how the Gospel has touched their lives with a small part of my influence. Even after 50 years of Church membership, I still recognize opportunities for personal growth and recognize of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help and assist others. By continuing to be strong in my faith, I am able to recognize the Lord's hand in all things and am in awe of his love and mercy in my life and those around me.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a 24 hour / 7 day a week commitment. As a member of the Church, I have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities from teach our youth in their young years through their teens and even enjoying opportunities to teach adults. One particularly favorite 'calling' (an assignment) was to teach high school aged youth to appreciate and understand the scriptures. In Michigan these classes are held before school begins so we typically met at the local chapel at 5:45 in the morning to spend an hour together learning from the scriptures. While the intent is to have the youth gain a greater understanding and testimony of the Gospel and Jesus Christ, I of course increased my own personal understanding and testimony of the divinity of our Savior. Daily scripture study (not just reading - study) has afforded me the opportunity to review the scriptures several times. This constant exposure to the writings on the life of Jesus has made it easier to keep my life in check and not just live on a platitude of "what would Jesus do" but feel the presence of His spirit in many (if not all) aspects of my life.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

In my professional career, I've worked pretty much all my life in the world of IT - you know, I'm a computer geek. After a short time in any new assignment, one of the first things co-workers notice about me is my abstinence from coffee and other strong drinks. Living in the world of computers with long hours, early hours, late hours, many in the profession believe they wish they could find a simple solution like just having coffee piped directly into their veins, just for the simplicity of it and the satisfaction of having the stimulus constantly available! However, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through such teachings as the Word of Wisdom has taught me the importance of caring for our bodies and treating them as temples. As such, I can honestly say my lips have never touched a cup of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco or any drug (nor piped through my veins!). I've found I am very alert in the morning, while others are struggling to 'wake up' as they down a couple cups of coffee or tea. As my body has never relied on these stimuli, I do not need them to perform at my peak. In my family medical history, the male have for the most part ALL died by the age of 50. They were not members of the Church and thus were not taught the important of the Word of Wisdom. As I have now reach 60, my personal physician has indicated my constitution is that of a 35 year old. OK, this perhaps is not to be achieved by everyone, but I do honestly believe following the Word of Wisdom will benefit all. Show more Show less