What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Andy

I was born in Hartlepool, England but im currently living in Manchester after coming here to study for university.

About Me

my biggest passion is the natural world. i studied wildlife conservation and ecology at university. I recently completed my post graduate studies and am trying to find a career. my other interests include music (mostly rock and alternative), travelling and computer games. i come from a family of four, and i am the oldest. i have a brother, who left this week for the missionary training centre before heading to greece, and two sisters. i was married in the temple in march 2012 to my wife who i met through the YSA and institute programme.

Why I am a Mormon

My mum joined the church when i was about five or six years old. she met my step dad and they got married pretty soon after. Like most member children i was baptised at the age of 8, and i had a very strong experience which i still remember today despite not being able to remember much else from that day. Despite this start i never really developed a testimony, and at the age of 17 i became pretty much inactive from some activities and ocassional meetings. At 19 i decided to fully stop with church and moved away from my family home in yorkshire to study at university in Manchester. after that, the only time i would think of my former beliefs was during religious conversations with friends. When i was 24 i was having a few problems in my personal life, and i avoided those self worth issues by drinking more and trying to forget about them every night. alcohol became my main escape and it began to worry my family and even some of my friends who had to deal with the after-effects. Then out of the blue an old friend who was a member of the church came to visit one weekend. they insisted i would have to attend the local ward with them that sunday and reluctantly i agreed. At the time they were struggling with their own life and some of their faith, and my advice was to not give up on what they believed because i could see it was still so very important to them. the night before they decided they did not want to go to local My best friend was studying close by and was attending the local ward, so one day, a few weeks after my initial feelings i asked him if he would give me a lift. that day, and the following months was the best i had felt in a long time, and the rest i guess you could say is history.

How I live my faith

I have been serving as a ward missionary for some time and was recently called as the ward missionary leader,which both excited and really scared me. I am a big fan of helping out the missionaries and it has played such a big part in strengthening my testimony of the gospel. occasionally i prepare and teach lessons for new members which is a great confidence builder for me in learning to stand up and talk in front of others. its also helped to develop my rusty knowledge of the scriptures.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

As we learn through the scriptures, Baptism is integral to our personal salvation. Jesus Christ exemplified its importance by being baptised himself despite being perfect. However there are may people who have lived on the earth without the opportunity to be baptised or even to have heard the teachings of Christ. Baptisms for the dead was originally mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:29, and is the way everyone who has ever lived may have the opportunity to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. This practice was restored along with many other ordinances through revelation to Jospeh Smith during the restoration of the church. Baptisms for the dead are a sacred ordinance, and as such they are conducted in latter-day saint Temples. They are conducted by proxy; meaning that a living member stands in the deceased's place and is baptised on their behalf. Members of the church undertake genealogy to seek out their relatives, and then can be baptised for their relatives or submit the names for another person to act as a proxy. To ensure names are not duplicated and deceased people baptised more than once, the church maintains an extensive database of everyone who has been baptised. There is a common misconception that deceased people who are baptised are included on member records for the church. While Jesus taught that all will have the opportunity to receive the gospel, either in this life or the next, not everyone will accept it. This same applies to baptisms for the dead. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Christ is foundation of our church and the scriptures or gospel. The churchs official name (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) attests to the fact that Christ is central to our faith. While the prophet of the church leads us here on this earth, he receives direct revelation and guidance from the saviour, who is the head of the church. It is his church, his gospel, and we are his followers. The gospel focuses on the atonement, where Christ suffered for our sins and was crucified, so that through baptism, repentance and endurance to the end we may one day be reunited in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Through Christ all things are possible, that is the unified message of every prophet throughout history, from Adam, Moses and Abraham, right through to the Prophet of the Church today. Show more Show less