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Hi I'm Jacob

I'm a missionary and its a new experience for me. I'm willing to submit myself to The Lord and spread his word. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am serving my mission in New Jersey. Before my mission I was a martial artist in kenpo karate, but I've left that passion aside to serve the Lord. I also did a bit of fine art. I like to fancy myself as an artist. The mediums I mostly work with are ink and graphite, although I do enjoy using black, white, and grey colored pencils on different colors of paper.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church. I love attending church every Sunday and strengthening my testimony and now because of my mission I am feeling the converting power of the gospel in my life. I'm seeing it too. The Book of Mormon is one of the most powerful ways for anyone to feel the Spirit. I'm serving a mission now because when I was about 16 years old I wanted to know if the Book of Mormon was true. So I would pray about it, and... -nothing- I got nothing, I received no spiritual witness. So I began to again read it. While I was reading it I came upon something that I did not understand. I was confused by this and my belief of the Book of Mormon and the Church began to dwindle. My confusion came because I thought that I found something in the Book of Mormon that was against Church doctrine and beliefs. However I had been raised that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that is is completely true. So in my confusion and despair I thought that I was losing the testimony that I did have. I prayed again for an answer and a spiritual witness of the Books truth and of the truth of the Church. Again... -nothing-! I then remembered reading from the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. The Prophet, Alma was teaching the people that it is better to be humble rather than being compelled to be humble. This struck me. I had put into my heart that either the Church was true or the Book of Mormon, neither could be because of what I thought was a disagreement between the two. However, that struck me. I wished for my spiritual enlightenment, and everything I read told me that it can only come through faith. So I decided to exercise my faith. I compelled myself to be humble. I put those thoughts of disagreement out of my mind and thought instead, 'the Book can be true and the Church also, just because i don't understand it doesn't mean that I can't believe'. The moment I thought this I received my spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Right now I'm serving my mission to invite others unto Christ. It is a big challenge because its a hard thing to do and to accomplish, but so far its been an amazing experience. I've served with four congregations so far on my mission, and each one has a special place in my heart. As a missionary is it part of our responsibility to help others. That help comes in many forms. There's spiritual help and physical help, both of which we as missionaries love to assist in. One of my most favorite things to do is to talk with a new person each day about the Savior, Jesus Christ. It makes me glad to know that by carrying his message of the Gospel to the world, I am also being blessed by it.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

There is no requirement in the church that states you must serve a mission, however through my readings of the scriptures I find that missionary work is a very important task that Christ has given to us, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations" (Matthew 28:19) The choice to serve a mission is with the individual alone, though it is encouraged by parents, friends, and church leaders. It's because they want that individual to receive the experience and blessings of a mission. You'll find many who consider serving a mission as a privilege and as the best time of their lives. Members are who they are today because of the missions they serve. Show more Show less