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Hi I'm Tencha

My family was born and raised inTexas. I enjoy music and community service. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I've been a single mom for a few years. I have two sons and two daughters. My children are happy and enjoying their young families or college. I understand how challenging life is as a single parent. I've also had a parent and close friends pass away. One was another mom like me and the other a man I was going to marry one day. I have several handsome grandsons. It's nice to hear them say grandma or gram gram. I've also have lost jobs, an a home because of illness. After a few months I was better and moving forward with my life. I didn't finish college. However, I would like to start taking some classes. The church has a wonderful pathway online with a great university BYU. I like to travel and volunteer in my community. I also like to invite neighbors to come over and enjoy a meal with my family. They just need to bring dessert if they can. I have a few friends but like to reach out to others. I enjoy the single adult program. Other single adults share a meal, activity and service projects. I pray for good friendships and associates for me and my family. I pray for our leaders of our country to make better choices. I believe its my responsibility to take care of my family first and be industrious. I like facebook and the internet because there is so much great knowledge. We don't watch much t.v.. I believe in the 10 commandments. I believe in the bible. I believe knowledge empowers us.

Why I am a Mormon

My mom joined when I was three years old. I felt special knowing Jesus loves me when I attended my Primary classes and new I Jesus Loves Wants Me For A Sunbeam as the song said. I felt in my heart through the years that this church is a place for me to grow stronger in my faith and love for others. My sons have served a mission. Taking two years out of their lives to knock on doors and share the same knowledge my mother learned about when I was a little child. If I had to choose between a million dollars and the church I would choose the church. Things get in the way of loving our family. They are distractive. I see many children grow up to be adults who aren't very happy with things. I'm a Mormon because we believe that the family is the most important thing in this life. My children are grown now and they continue to want to come back together. This is what is important to us. The teachings of Jesus are about loving one another and serving one another. In today's world I believe it is out of control for many obvious reasons. There is peace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful my mother made a wise choice when she let the missionaries come into our home to teach us a wonderful knowledge that has blessed me and my children. There are millions who are enjoying this knowledge and who feel that it is a good thing. My family use to be Methodist and Catholics. The Bible is important to us. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It has many accounts of families and groups of people who also had some challenging lives but always turned to God and inquired what they should do. It wasn't easy then either. There were wars, iniquities, evil. However, God loves us so he gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to show us the way back to him. The missionaries are wonderful young men and young women who will share this knowledge to all who will listen. I don't know of one person who wasn't glad they had a chance to meet them and ask questions.

How I live my faith

I enjoy participating the my community and church. I've been blessed to have lived in seven states. One thing I like is how the church meetings are very pretty consistent everywhere we go. My children have enjoyed the youth programs and learned about Jesus Christ and his plan. We feel peace and happiness often. We pray as a family and as individuals. We have a family night to talk about the stories in the scriptures, what's going on in everyones' lives. There is a great women's organization I like to attend. Sometimes we have workshops, arts and crafts and share a meal. The women visit one another once a month. I like that type of service. I like to help with activities for the single adults 30 and older. I'm grateful to have the ability to organize and prepare workshops, dances, and have speakers for a group of up to 200 single adults. I like nature and teach my children to enjoy it and slow down from the super highway life and technology that can use our time up fast. We like to sing in church and community choirs. I like our church website LDS dot org. We also like the church magazines. I've enjoyed serving in several capacities at church through the years.