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Hi I'm CJ Reber

Born and raised a Latter-Day Saint in St. George, Utah & currently serving a Full-Time Mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

About Me

I enjoy sports and riding BMX bikes & kickin back, I have lived both sides of life, from the worst of the worst, to hopefully a good hearted person. And in one simple moment in doing something as plain and common as driving a car down a road, thinking about the Gospel and feeling the Spirit, has given me more joy when living the true Restored Gospel, than all of the substances i can shove into my body, and people i can surround myself with, and with the most intense sounds and atmospheres, to get a fake / artificial feeling that has the impression of happiness, but it is always fleeting, it will never last! It's like comparing "Splenda" to real sugar, it just doesn't cut it! That's what the true Gospel of Jesus Christ can and will bring! A true joy, a peace that is lasting, and a hope that never dwindles! It will feed your hunger, quench your thirst! But YOU have to do YOUR part, Christ has already done his, you must Act! Read the Book of Mormon! Pray about it! And prove me now here with, that it will not bring you the things which it testify's of, and promises! And just as God has given me an answer, through his Spirit, so will he give you one! If you have "Real Intent", (and you will actually do something about the answer you will receive!) and also have the faith that God will answer your prayers! He does, and he will! (If you let him!) He loves you, and cares about you, He has given all, for your happiness, don't get in the way of it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have investigated other churches and have not felt the same feelings of peace and joy that the other churches have tried to bring. We all need faith in knowing that the person you love isn't going to be fake, the same could be said for religion. Yes, in some cases of love we might regret loving that person because they hurt us, & maybe you even tried to become religious but something happened & you walked away from it. But just as there is & can be a true love, a miracle in its own sense, there is also a true religion! And that to put it frankly it's Christianity, & there is a true Christian church! The very one Jesus Christ established when he was alive! And it is here on this earth! That's where it requires the faith to find that person, or that true Church. ( We can't just give up because someone broke our heart, or because one Church we thought was true, turned out to not be.) I hope before we full on commit ourselves to one Church, we go out & investigate others and ponder the ones we have found, and then pray. And have the Faith you will receive and answer from a loving Father in Heaven! And when you find out it is true, just like love how amazing it can be! As the scriptures say," By their fruits ye shall know them!" Love, Church & Religion... these things are a large part of who we are & who we will become! Don't leave room for doubt nor for chance! Pray! Read! Act! And Live!

How I live my faith

By following the call of Gods Current Prophet Thomas S. Monson to serve a 2 year mission in the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission. And am looking forward to finding those who want to be happier and are looking for the truth, as well as a peace that cannot be matched, and to feel the love of God more than they ever have felt before, knowing who he and his son are, how much they love us, and how much they really are in our daily lives. (As family should be). I love the Gospel, it has been restored, and will forever stand as a Testament of Jesus our Christ, and his divinity as our literal savior, Heavenly Fathers only begotten son and our loving and stalwart example brother. God is Love, and Love is Eternal! I also have a growing testimony of this restored gospel, and am becoming more converted to Christ and his teachings each and everyday! I love it with all my heart, and it will always come first. And i know i will always be taken care of. I love being Mormon! And will always be a Mormon! (Testimony is the essence of believing in something, and Conversion is constantly being true to those beliefs!) By the way, A Restoration was needed, not a Reformation. Christ true church has been Restored, and brought back to its original form! Find out for yourself! Read the Book of Mormon, if its truly the Word of God, Translated by the power of God! Than a Restoration was needed and has taken place! And if it is not true, Than this Church would of crumbled a long time ago!

Are Mormons Christians?

CJ Reber
Have you read the Book of Mormon? Probably not if your asking the question. Jesus Christ is the center of our faith and the head of our Church. The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and witnesses of His divinity, His life, and His Atonement.” Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer through whose Atoning Sacrifice has come the opportunity of Eternal Life. Words from a Prophet of his true church. Amen. Show more Show less