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Hi I'm Jordan

I'm a Ping Pong lover, a swimmer, a musician, and a friend.

About Me

Ahoy there! My name is Jordan, and I love people. I went to Utah Valley University and will return shortly after serving a mission for my church in Western New York. I am a music enthusiast; give me any instrument with strings and I will learn how to play it. I play the Viola, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Guitar, Jaw Harp, and anything else that has strings. I've been in music since I was almost 5 years old. I'm a swimmer, and an avid Ping Pong player. I guess you could say that i'm the type that DOES NOT enjoy a good work out, but put me in the water and I become a tug boat. I would say that I love people, I haven't always, but I do now. Most of all I love to be happy; sometimes it is hard to find it, but I will search the end of the world till I can find it. Oh! And I'm a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a town dominated by those of the Mormon faith, so I had many influences surrounding the LDS church. There came a time where I had to know if what I believed in was true, and if I was going to follow the teachings of my faith. It first started with a belief in God as my Father in Heaven, then I had to come to know if Jesus Christ was really His Son, and that He really did suffer for me so that I could be happy. I made the resolve to begin reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning, because of what others said how it made a difference in their lives. As I read the book, I did the things that it counseled; as I followed it's council I noticed myself become much more happier, and a lot more at peace. The more I prayed, and the more I pondered and read the book, I really came to know, independent of anyone else, that the Book of Mormon is true, and the Jesus Christ is the Savior of us all. Most of all I learned that God is our Father in Heaven, and a Father that cares about us more deeply than any person can comprehend. These experiences brought me closer to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and my family more than any thing else. I know this church to be true, because God has made sure that I am not left in the dark.

How I live my faith

It's hard to live by faith in a world so consumed in "evidence." Constantly I find people telling me that there is no evidence that there is a God, or that He cares, or that we can KNOW if we are on the right path. I've learned that that is true. I live my faith by showing that faith to others, and doing what Jesus Christ, Himself, would do. I share with others my faith by loving them. Christ came down here because He loved us, that was His motive: I've found that the best motive in life is love. Not that fake, cheap, and short love where you care for someone for 5 minutes or so, but the real stuff. People like to be noticed, they like to feel appreciated, and mostly they want to be loved, by someone. Anyone. The sad thing is that "anyone" can be found in the wrong places by people that don't really care, because they feel appreciated even for a moment. I've learned that there is one person that does love them all the time, no matter what: Jesus Christ. If I can even show a particle of that love to any person, then I have succeeded in living my faith. LOVE.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

I like to think of the Bible as the "what" of the scriptures. From reading and pondering about things we read in that holy book, we come to know what the Savior did while He was in the flesh. We also come to know the things that He taught and the miracles He performed while here on this earth. The Bible brings us closer to Jesus Christ. Show more Show less