What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Alex

I grew up in the province of Quebec, I speak French, English, and some Spanish. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I like to talk a lot! Emails too! I love to cook, one of my main hobby, especially for my family and my friends. I like computer stuffs, I know my way around PC hardware and software, although I'm not always up-to-date with the newest-newest things. I enjoy Fantasy and Science-Fiction in novels and movies. I like movie animations (Disney, Pixar, Ghibli Studio, Dreamworks, etc.) I am an happy husband too!

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since June 2009. Why did I decide to join the Church? I truly believe it was somehow an answer from Heaven. From my parents and cultural background, and with my personal ideas, I built my own set of beliefs. My dad always thought that when I would be "old enough", I should freely choose whichever religion was best for me. But in the end, I was never satisfied with what I had got, it was never complete. I always felt like just having "spiritual appetizers or entrees", my "spiritual hunger" was never fully satisfied. I truly felt that something was missing. A bit more than 3 years ago, I realized I was really not "where" I wanted to be in my professional and personal life. I started to think "where" I should go, what I would like to do with my life, what to do to ensure a good future, how can I become more happy, etc. One of my coworker was a mormon, and I noticed she seemed ALWAYS happy. I remember thinking: She's not normal, how can she be always smiling? I noticed she was somewhat "religious", going to her church, reading scriptures. She saw I was curious and she invited me to an Easter Concert given by her Church, and also other events. As missionaries are often present in Church events, eventually one of them went to me and simply ask: Would you like to know more about the Gospel? "Why not!". They explained to me a lot of things, some principles were new to me, some where known, because I had read the Bible before. But in the end they told me: We are not here to convince you of anything or to force you. If you really want to know if all of it is true, there is only one sure way to find out: You have to pray and ask God directly. It felt right, but I was skeptical. But I did pray. I always was a stressful and nervous person. But when I prayed to God, I felt a deep calmness, a real peace of mind and of heart.I felt it is good, it is true.It changed my life, it changed me for the better.

How I live my faith

I am happy to participate in many "helping hands" events organized throughout the year to help the community. Often, these events are co-organized with other Religious Groups and Associations or other Community and Municipal Services and Societies. In our different congregations, everything is done on a volunteer assignments basis. Tasks are divided among members to support one another in terms of spiritual and temporal welfare. Everything from cleaning and maintaining the buildings up to the organization of the Sunday Reunions. I love to visit my congregation's members to help them with their different projects or their needs, or even just to talk and to listen! I also love and enjoy reading the Bible and other Holy Scriptures. I love participating in Sunday School classes to understand and see things in different point of views, in order to grasp more fully the depth of the eternal truths and principles that are explained in the Holy Scriptures. I know God listens and answer my prayers!

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Church services are held on Sunday, at different hours depending of local needs and settings. Visitors are more than welcomed! We often received visitors from other congregations too. If you come on your own, be sure to tell the first person you see that you are a visitor and that you are there for the first time. The person will then guide you where to go, or introduce you to another person who will. Our meetings follow a predetermined format, and are divided in 3 different hours. You don't have to attend the 3 hours, but if you really want to get the "full experience" you are encouraged and welcomed to stay for the whole time. If not possible, you can leave whenever you like, preferably at the end of an hour. Generally the first hour is the family worship meeting called "sacraments meeting". It's the common a most important meeting, where all are presents together. It goes like this: - An Opening hymns is sung by the congregations. - An opening prayer is offered by a member - some remarks and announcements might be given - An hymn about the Savior is sung. - The emblems of sacrament are partaken (communion) - different talks, testimonies or remarks are given on gospel topics by members. On special occasion musical numbers on gospel topics are presented - a closing hymn is sung by the congregations - a closing prayer. In the 2nd hour are different Sunday School classes. Children have their own classes. In the third hour, men and women are separated in specific classes. Show more Show less