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Hi I'm Michael

You must seek to gain Faith in Christ more than you want to breath

About Me

I am the youngest of eight siblings. I enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family. I have been called to serve a mission to the Iowa Des Moines Mission and am serving now!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a family that was part of the church and went as a young boy. As I got a little older, I didn't show up to church. I thought I could fully live the gospel without going to church. I never disliked church but just didn't give it the right attitude. I became less active and then in my teenage years I spent a lot of time with my grandpa who was such a great example to me. He asked me about church, when I would go. Most of all I saw the happy life he had and it was because to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I took a look at my life and noticed everything I wanted in life, I could have if I followed the Gospel. My friend helped me to feel welcomed as I came back each week. I just fell in love with everything about the church. I found out about the truth of the Gospel for myself I'm thankful that my parents never forced me to go, but let me learn for my own. I am now a missionary for the church and have the most amazing family and friends helping me through this. My faith has grown so much and my hope for the years to come. I love and trust so much and I am so thankful for all the blessings I have and will have forever and always. I am a "Mormon" or a believer of Christ and even more I always try to be a follower, becasue prayer and seeking to know is how we find out. I have so many people that I care about who are not seeking and yet don't believe this to be true, if you really don't care to know then you won't do all you can to find. I believe that its not suppose to be something that you just fall upon and that is easy. I follow these teaching because this is the most dear thing to my heart, this is what I've felt and I know this isn't what everyone one has but everyone can know of the truth through your feelings and thoughts as you pray.

How I live my faith

Just like it says in John, you will know my disiples if they show love. I show love to everyone and want them to feel the joy I feel in my life. I have felt the most joy when I have followed the gospel in my life. I am now on my mission in the Iowa Des Moines Mission. I live my faith by the life I live and being an example the best that I can.

What is faith?

Faith is sending in a request to go anywhere for two years, faith is knowing your loved ones will be there when you get home. Faith is knowing God is there as you go day to day. I have faith in Him and trust in Him. Faith is taking that step, to read and to pray if these things really are true. Faith is key to life. Faith is knowing that when you are on the other side of U.S. that God will watch over the people you love, knowing that God wants us to be happy and to feel the most joy in our life and to feel joy that will last, that is through Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Why we go and seek to find others is because we want them to have that choice to follow this gospel. We want them to know the best they can of this Gospel before they make their choice. I am on a mission because I want others to feel the joy that I have felt in my life. I look at how many members there are in my family and it is all because of missionaries and people sharing what they believe. We can share the truth through love and that is how we are suppose to do it. Show more Show less