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Hi I'm Spencer

I love helping people, writing poetry, and being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints!

About Me

I'm a missionary for the LDS church! I play volleyball, write poetry, and bow-hunt. I love getting to know people, being active, and contemplating life. I just love how incredible an effect one's perspective can have on their life and their happiness! I'm always striving to learn more, especially about the people around me. I can't imagine something more fun than getting to learn about all the wonderful things that shape who we are and why we keep going! We're so incredible!

Why I am a Mormon

I don't think I need anymore reason than I know the church is true. I spent years of my life growing up just beliving everything I was told about the church. I knew all the facts, and for a long time I never questioned them. Then there came a day where someone said I couldn't go my whole life beliving because my parents did. They said I needed to discover for myself if it was true, and so I did. I went home and I searched, and I went through the next week still searching, and for a while I still didn't get a single answer. I wondered why I hadn't gotten an answer, but at the same time I didn't have anything better to do, so I kept going. After a few months, maybe even a year, the question came back up in my mind, did I really know if this was true? I had been searching for so long for some instant yes, a lightbuld moment of belief, that I had failed to notice the gradual witness that I was reciving. It was like a slow sunrise, a gradual increase of light that I had failed to notice in my day to day life, or even week to week, but after seeking for months, desiring to know if it was really true, I realized I had no need to rely on anyone's belief, because I now knew for myself. I can't tell you the day it happened, or even the week, but I can tell you it happened. The wittness, the answer I recived, was a subtle feeling, something I missed till I searched for, but if I ever took the time to look, I could find it there. I don't need to question if any part of this church is true, I don't need a reason for why I'm not going to drink coffee, or why I need to go on a mission, because I know that this is God's church, and He is in charge. I can live with full faith in what I believe because I discovered for myself this is God's church, and he will never lead me astray. I'm not a mormon because my parents were, I'm not a mormon because they teach good morals, I'm not a mormon because I like going to church there, I'm a mormon because I know this is the true church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by earnestly seeking to share and understand it. If there is anything that has helped me in my life it has to be the gospel! I constantly strive to understand how my little life can have an effect in God's plan for us, or how I can love my fellow man more. I study daily the words of prophets and pray each opportunity I get to feel for my family and friends the way our Father in Heaven feels for them. I seek to show his love and spread his gospel as much as possible. I'm also currently devoting two years of my life to spreading his word through the world!