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Hi I'm Vern

I was a B-52 pilot during the cold war and now love to do motorcycle camping and hiking. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in southern California near Los Angeles. I got involved with the LDS Church when I was young but my family was not LDS. In college I took some classes in religion. One was on the Book of Mormon and though I hadn't previously had any real strong belief in the religious side of "my" church -it was mostly just social up to that point- I came to understand what that book and my faith were about. After reading it and studying it and the Bible, I came to the conclusion that it was far easier to believe the Book of Mormon came from God as it proclaims then from the young uneducated Joseph Smith. Thus it was that though I had been baptized at the age of 12, I became a true convert at the age of 20. From that point to this even though I've read lots of anti-"Mormon" publications, I've only become more and more convinced that this is the true church of Christ and can bring the most happiness to all who embrace it. Despite what others may say, it is the epitome of true Christianity. We have four adult married children and 12 grandchildren. Thankfully they are all actively engaged in the Church. I love nature and am grateful to God for creating such a diverse and beautiful planet. Motorcycling and hiking the mountains and deserts of the western United States has become a favorite vacation activity for me and my wife and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always with us wherever we go.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon/Latter-day Saint/member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I've come to know that it is Christ's only true and complete church on the earth today. I know that God and Christ appeared to the young Joseph Smith and through him the Book of Mormon -Another Witness of Christ was brought forth for our time. I know too that the authority to act for God, the Priesthood, was restored by other heavenly messengers -prophets and apostles and that through this Priesthood Christ directs his Church and its leaders. Jesus is its head; he is the Savior of the world, the redeemer of all mankind, and he lives today with God the Father. They know and love you and me and desire to bless us as we have faith in them. The choicest blessings will come to those who embrace the fullness of the gospel as contained in this the Savior's restored Church.

How I live my faith

At age 21 after my actual "conversion" to the Savior, Joseph Smith, and the Church, I served a two year mission for the Church in New Zealand proselyting among the Anglos and Polynesians. Following my mission and college I have served in numerous teaching and leadership positions over the past 49 years including as a Bishop of a local congregation. My wife and I, now retired, are about to embark upon another "Senior" mission to New York state where we will be involved in strengthening members and providing leadership support. I believe in the principle of tithing as taught in the Bible and have faithfully done so for all my adult life with many blessing coming to me and my family as a result. I know that tithing and offerings are used to bless many people thruout the world and thus it is a pleasure to be involved in so great a work and cause as the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following the counsel of Church leaders and the Scriptures we have been a prayerful and scripture reading family with numerous blessings derived from these activities as well. Prayer IS the answer to many of life's problems and helps us to know that God is listening when we are sincere and in need. I know that I have been directed in several critical decisions along life's path as a result of earnest prayer.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a true record of several peoples who came from the middle east and inhabited the Americas from about 2000 BC to 400 AD. The histories and teachings were recorded and abridged by mostly prophets of God. Much of what they wrote was regarding the coming of Jesus Christ, his teachings and his atonement. It also teaches, thru many cycles of rise and fall, that true and lasting prosperity comes only thru living righteous principles. It has been my happiness to have researched and studied many archaeological, anthropological, and linguistic findings and writings which have confirmed the veracity of the Book of Mormon. These have added to the spiritual witness I've received that the Book of Mormon is truly a book of sacred scripture confirming and clarifying many biblical teachings, mainly that Jesus was/is the Christ. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Many so called "Christians" verbally abuse the LDS Church calling it a cult. They forget that Jesus himself started a so called "cult" by being and teaching different and new things than what the majority of people at that time believed. Christians were considered -as Latter-day Saints are now- heretics. Based on belief in the divinity, the atonement, the resurrection, and the teachings of Jesus, none could be more "Christian" than members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That we do not accept many of the changes and traditions of the Christian church during the centuries since Christ is no different than the various protestant reformers not accepting the changes and traditions of the early Catholic church yet they are now considered "card carrying Christians". Why not the Mormons ? Show more Show less