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Hi I'm Matthew Walden

I'm from California, I'm a BYU student, a musician, and a full-time missionary in the Italy Milan mission. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a student at Brigham Young University currently deciding between a career in Engineering or Business. I am also very interested in possibly running for political office someday. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'll do, which I guess puts me in the same category as half of all college students in the world. I also write and play music, and was in a mildly successful band recently. Even though I wouldn't say that sports is my "forte," I'm always up for some good competition, especially in a game of volleyball, basketball, tennis, or ping pong. Currently I am serving as a missionary in the Italy Milan area. I'd say that I'm a pretty interesting guy with a passion for many things, but especially for learning. Whether it's about extraterrestrials, politics, classical literature, the current music scene, or up-to-date sports news, I always love to keep myself informed about what's going on in this wonderful world. I always dedicate myself to whatever I do, and even though I've had to do some hard things, I always find it completely worth it. I was born to goodly parents in the church, but like everyone, I had to develop a testimony for myself, and this process of faith has made the Church the most important part of my busy life.

Why I am a Mormon

Welp..... I was born in the church and I was baptized as an 8-year-old (like most kids like me were). However, I would say that my conversion came gradually throughout my teenage years. I remember reading a quote by Thomas F. Jefferson that said "question with boldness the very existence of God." For some reason, at that age (maybe 15 or so) that quote really touched me and it made me stop and think about whether or not I have actually ever questioned God about the truthfulness of the Mormon Church. Anyways, after that point, I dedicated myself to reading the Book of Mormon, and putting its promise (that God will tell us through prayer that it is true), to the test. I have to say, the first time I read it through, I didn't recieve the illuminous answer that I wanted, but I finished with the desire to continue to do the things that I was always told were right (follow the prophet, go to church, read the scriptures, obey the commandments, etc.) I've seen since that personal revelation always seems to work like that, where intead of a sudden "light bulb" that goes off, its more of a sunrise, or a natural process. My testimony came, and is still coming in this matter, and those spiritual experiences that I was looking for immedeatly came eventually, at times in which I needed them most. To anyone that is curious in this church, I would encourage them to give the Book of Mormon a try, and to begin to pray with "real intent" as it says. When we look for a spiritual confirmation, God will give them to us. These spiritual moments become the most treasured experiences in our life, and they help widen our horizon and see the world in a different, more enlightened way. Doubts and seemingly unanswerable questions about the truth of this message have still come to me since these spiritual confirmation, they are ALWAYS answered and brought to a rest by diligent study, sincere prayer, and sensitivity to those wonderful feelings of peace that are given by the Spirit.

How I live my faith

I've found that the best way to live my faith has been to serve others. When we serve others, especially through missionary service, we truly get to experience the best joy that the Gospel can bring to us. That is why I am here in Italy right now, doing my best to bring happiness into the lives of others. One day me and my companion were talking about what we do as missionaries, and we concluded that we "basically unite families, help people to quit drugs and alcohol, give a hand to those in need, and help people gain confidence and hope in this life!" What an amazing thing to be able to do! Needless to say, I am truly grateful for my oppurtunity to serve among the Italian people, and to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, by proclaiming the Gospel to all people! In my service here in Italy, I have encountered people from 57 different countries, and I have been so amazed to see how the Spirit of love and service is able to touch the lives of people from all different sorts of religious, ethnic, social, and economic background. More than anything though, I know that full-tiime missionary work isn't the only way to live my faith, and the most important way I try to live my faith is by being obedient to the Lord's commandments, diligently growing in faith and knowledge, preparing myself to raise a righteous, happy family, and building loving, enjoyable relationships with my fellow citizens of Earth!