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Hi I'm James

I grew up in Orem Utah. I love to dance, rock climb, and study the Gospel. I'm currently a student at BYU. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a college student trying to figure out what I should major in. I love to dance, and listen to music. There are not many things on this earth that help me feel as free as when I'm dancing. Music has a unique ability to carry emotion and feeling with it, and when you start dancing it's like a personal atmosphere that nothing can penetrate. I also enjoy rock climbing. It's such a gratifying feeling to look at a seemingly impassible cliff, move closer, and force your way up its face. Standing on top of such a cliff, looking out at the beautiful vistas below knowing the struggle it took to make it there, is one of the most peaceful, and satisfying moments that can be had on this earth.

Why I am a Mormon

The thing that I've noticed most in life is how hard it can be to know what is real, and what only seems to be real. It seems that men and women today struggle so hard to "make it." But It can be so hard to find out what "making it" would even look like. What's the purpose of building a business if your going to die miserable anyways? Why start a family that society shows will fall apart? Why bother bringing any more children into this miserable world? The answer is because God lives. That is the foundation for Truth. God lives, and he loves us. He is our Eternal Father. He knows who I am, and how best to teach me. All the sorrows of this life can be resolved through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. There is no purpose for religion at all if we cannot know the being at the center of it. Worshiping a mystery is no better than worshiping a lie. Our Father in Heaven wants us to know him.. He wants to teach us, lead us, guide us, and more than anything He wants us to be truly happy. Not just temporarily excited, but to experience lasting joy. God does not sit on some puffy white cloud in the sky where angels sit playing harps. He is real. Jesus Christ lives. Prayer is how we speak to God, and the Holy Spirit is how God speaks to us. The Spirit is real. The Holy Spirit is a very real being capable of giving actual comfort in the worst times of our lives, as well as lasting happiness throughout the rest. So far what I've said has been more directed towards why I'm religious. Here is why i'm a Mormon. The answer is really very simple The Book of Mormon is True. It is filled with the words of Jesus Christ, and those who read it with a pure desire will be forever changed. The Spirit can tell us what is True, and it has told me in a manner that I will never be able to deny that the Book of Mormon is True, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's true Church on the earth. The only way to know what is true is to prove it, and the Spirit will prove it.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing my best to live up to what God has asked of me. Foremost among all of the things God asks us to do is to repent. Repentance is simply changing with the divine assistance of Jesus Christ. I have so many weaknesses that I rarely go a single day without having a reason to kneel down and repent. One of the biggest reasons we're down here is to learn, grow, and progress. I don't expect to just wake up one day and be perfect, but I can continue to wake up every morning and try. I also do my best to learn God's will for me. I am constantly trying harder to discover what God's will is for me by studying His words given through his servants in the scriptures, as well as the words He gives us through modern prophets, and through the Holy Spirit that speaks to me when I pray.