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Hi I'm Kelsey Christensen

I'm a college student at Brigham Young University. I am an aspiring animator. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am the youngest of four children, and the fourth of four to attend BYU. My parents owned a private health club as I was growing up, so I am very comfortable in the Gym. Health is a principle factor in my life, but when I'm not exercising I enjoy cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. I also love to draw, and I have been drawing all my life. It is the purest form of expression for me, I sometimes have a hard time putting things into words, but if you wait 30 minutes I could show you what I mean! I really have a passion for the old animated movies, and my dream job would be to work at Dreamworks or Pixar.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents have raised me in the church, and taught me to honor the church and it's gospel. Honestly that is a huge part to why I am a Mormon now, if I didn't have my parents I am not sure I would have been humble enough to listen to missionaries and search from the outside! But for me, I have always believed in a right and wrong, the world today preaches that there is no morality and that just is fundamentally wrong to me. That's why comic book heroes are interesting, it's why children's movies are always compelling and they ring true and you don't know why you cry at the end but you do, and I believe that everyone on some level at one point knew that there is good and evil, and we are free to choose between them. That internal battle is something we all struggle with, and it's something that we need God and Jesus Christ to be able to overcome. The book of Mormon is how I came to know without a doubt, that God lives. That we are not to struggle without help or hope, but that there is a redemption for all of us if we will but search for it. I know that book is true, I know Christ is my Redeemer, and that someday He will come again.

How I live my faith

I was born in the church, and have been active in it all my life. To me the Gospel is something that is Lived, it's a lifestyle and the true joys we gain are from the little ways we can see the Lord in our lives. Every day when things work out I am grateful to him, when things don't work out I usually recognize something I'm doing that is messing up my day, and sometimes feel like he's pointing out how I can grow, and I learn from it, and I see his hand in almost everything, It makes life a conversation. Reading the scriptures is always a precious time to me. My congregation is a place where I feel welcome and loved, and though I know that all of us aren't perfect, we are all trying. That makes forgiveness really important too. I have enjoyed all the times that I've been able to serve others, as a youth leader or just as a friend, and really that has brought me a lot of joy. I guess if there is one thing that I've learned most from my faith is that because of Christ we can choose to be happy, and that makes life amazingly simple.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Kelsey Christensen
Hey, I've been serving as a missionary for eight months! Hello! Insider information, the missionaries will probably be as nervous as you are. When we meet with people we like to get to know you a little bit, so that we can understand better how to talk the gospel, and how to help you best understand and apply what we teach in your own life. We share about Jesus Christ and his atonement, how God and Christ lead people on earth throughout history and today, and where the Book of Mormon comes from. We also share with people that there is purpose to our life, because of our Heavenly Father's plan for us, and how we can return to live with Him. We invite everyone to hear our message and to consider for themselves whether it is true. Show more Show less