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Hi I'm Carly Lynne Davis

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington. I study Recreation Therapy at BYU-Idaho. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 23. I love to be outside, snowboard wake board, camp, hike, swim, ect. ect. ect. I also love to workout and play soccer. I prefer to do all of these things in the rain, but I enjoy all weather and all scenery. I also like to read and just sit around with friends and family. I love to laugh and therefore enjoy anyone/thing funny, i.e. movie/people. I love to be with people, but I also love to be myself and reflect and just think. I am currently work at a daycare while I am off school. I go to college from January to end of July where I am working on my Rec Therapy degree. The most important thing to me is the gospel and raising a family in it. If I don't get to do that then I want to have an outdoor recreation camp for mentally and physically disabled children.

Why I am a Mormon

Because it's true. I don't know how else to say it. It gives me peace, helps me understand how to be happy in this life and to understand the purpose of our existence in this life and for eternity. I was born into an active family of the LDS church but I didn't know it was true until I was 15. I decided to stop going because I didn't want to be part of something I didn't know was true myself. I thought I had tried hard enough on my own to know but I remember I was a teenager and I just thought life would be easier not having all these "commandments" and "guidelines." There is a promise at the end of the Book of Mormon that says that if you read these things and pray in sincerity to know that they are true then "by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." I had not done that yet. I tried to live with out the gospel and God for a year but I became so depressed, miserable and lost. I tried every activity I thought would make me happy but they couldn't satisfy me. I didn't feel any peace. I felt so confused and no one seemed to have any real solution. I thought I stopped believing in God but in August 2005, at rock, rock bottom, I finally opened up to the first page of the Book of Mormon and read Joseph Smith's testimony of the Book of Mormon, something I had read a thousand times, and I can feel it now the swelling, warm feeling that filled my whole body. I could not deny then or ever that feeling that was real and so overwhelmingly peaceful. So I knew that there was SOMETHING to this book. So I went back to church and studied the book on my own and slowly I came to really understand the gospel through the Holy Ghost enough to say that I really knew it was true. I continue to study on my own and feel the knowledge of more principles and truths of the gospel. The more I study it, live it, pray and try to please Heavenly Father the happier I feel. I would be/life would be nothing without it. I would die for this gospel because I know it's true.

How I live my faith

I try to always make sure that my thoughts and actions revolve around the gospel. I have had many callings. My favorite having been teaching Sunday School up at college, and teaching the 5 year old primary kids. I currently don't have a calling, other than to visit 2 other girls my age from my ward and give them a gospel message once a week. That is a standard calling that every woman in the church above 18 gets. I go to church every Sunday and go to a ward "family home evening" night every Monday where we also have a gospel message and an activity. But these activities help me to live and become like Christ. They remind to always be changing, to become more selfless and help others. I try and live the gospel every second of my life in everything I do.

Are Mormons Christians?

Carly Lynne Davis
If we are truly converted and understand this gospel then our entire focus is on Jesus Christ. We believe that He is the only way back to Heavenly Father. When He atoned for our sins when He suffered for our sins in the garden of Gethsemane He made it possible for us to repent of the sins that would otherwise have condemned us from God's presence. So without Him this life would be useless and our existence eternally miserable. He also was perfect and left the perfect example of how we should live and we find His example in the bible and in the Book of Mormon is His teachings and the way He lives. We go to church every Sunday and have extra meetings during the week to help us continue to learn and remember to be like Him. As Mormons we are asked to study the scriptures everyday to learn and understand how we should be living. And as we repent we try to apply The Savior's teachings to our lives. So in essence everything we do and think should be revolved around Him. Show more Show less