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Hi I'm Rachel

I am a registered respiratory therapist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently practicing respiratory care in the state of NV. As a licensed medical professional, although I come into contact with people of all different ages, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, I view them all the same. We are all God's children. I am so blessed to have the education I do to work in the field I do. I love serving others and taking care of them. My relationships with patients, physicians, and all those I work with, are ones I truly look forward to developing. It is a privilege to have the career I do. I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I couldn't imagine my life without the gospel. I don't know what purpose my life would have if I didn't know of God's plan for me. The Plan of Salvation is truly the plan of happiness. I know there is a life after this and I know that my choices here now are important. This time is the time to prepare to meet God. Whether simple answers to prayers, miracles, or tender mercies, the Lord has always been aware of me. I know I am a daughter of God and I have a divine purpose and worth. I am Mormon because knowing, believing, and living as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brings me pure joy. The Atonement is real and the atonement is what makes the Plan of Salvation possible. Through the grace of God, we are saved after all that we can do. When I make mistakes and fall short, I can be forgiven. The Atonement is real. I know my Savior lives. I know my Father in Heaven lives. I acknowledge His hand in my life. I am Mormon because I have received confirmation that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is the most true and correct book on this earth. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith has restored the same gospel from when Jesus Christ walked upon this very continent. Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Thomas S. Monson is our Prophet today on the earth. He receives revelation for our profit and learning, he receives revelation to guide us, teach us, and keep us safe. The church stood years and years ago and it continues to stand today. I know this church is true and I love it. Life isn't always easy, but it is totally worth it, and living the gospel makes it worth it even more. I am Mormon, I live it, and I love it.

How I live my faith

As a respiratory therapist, I work in the community whether it's in the hospital, doctor's office, home, or even a classroom setting. I am also a nationally certified asthma educator which means I can teach physicians, nurses, and anyone who wants to know, all about asthma. I have asthma myself so it is definitely a way I can empathize and truly understand my asthmatic patients. I am big on health. I refrain from drinking coffee and alcohol, I do not smoke or partake of harmful drugs. My body is a temple. My body is a gift from my Father in Heaven. It is a home for my spirit. Choice and accountability is a huge part of gaining a body and coming to earth. In the premortal life, we existed with Heavenly Father as spirits and we made the decision to come to this earth. Agency is such a blessing and it allows us to prepare to meet God. I choose to take care of my body. I constantly am communicating with my Father in Heaven. I know He lives. I know he listens to every single prayer in my heart, whether it's vocal or in my mind. He answers prayers and I have a testimony of the power of prayer. I love the familiar quote, "When life gets hard to stand, kneel". Who else would understand our concerns, pains, frustrations, worries, or fears better than our Father in Heaven? Prayer is a blessing. I love my husband! We got married in 2013 and I couldn't be happier. The temple is such a beautiful, peaceful, happy place and I am so thankful to know that my family is truly forever and that my marriage is eternal. Serving in the temple is a wonderful sacred opportunity and it is a place of learning. I attend the temple regularly to feel closer to my Father in Heaven and to continue learning and growing in the gospel. I serve as First Counselor in the Young Women Organization in my ward. Words can't describe the love I have for the leaders and girls I serve with. Faithful magnification of ones calling brings blessing beyond measure. I love this gospel. I know it is true.

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Absolutely not. Members of the Church do not practice polygamy. There are several people outside of the LDS faith who think we practice it today however we do not. Some other religions who claim to be a sector of the LDS church practice plural marriages but they are not associated in any way shape or form with the Church. Polygamy is against the law. Polygamy is against the standards and laws of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is no one person who can practice polygamy and be a worthy faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This principle is very black and white, there is no gray area. Show more Show less