Matthew Lefthand Johnson: convert, student, missionary, faith, study, pray, Mormon.

Hi I'm Matthew Lefthand Johnson

About Me

I grew up in Salt Lake Utah and went moved to Roy Utah when I was about 13. I went to Roy High School and Weber State University and have my associate of Arts from there in General Education. I love to run and swim as well as play pretty much any sport with my family and friends. I am now currently serving a mission in Boston Massachusetts (currently in the: Newport RI area.) I grew up without a lot of religion and when I was in Roy I had a best friend and girlfriend that were both members. I went to young men's with my best friend and started to take the missionary discussions because my girlfriend wanted me to look into them. We eventually broke up and I actually continued the missionary discussions with the missionaries in my ward. I agreed to be baptized and joined the church along with my brother and reactivating my mom. My dad is not a member of the church but is very supportive of all my choices and I love him very much. I decided to go on my mission not on my own and I was not pressured to by really anyone. People told me that it is the right thing to do but I did not think that it was for me since I had just been baptized at 16. However, my new girlfriend, Carly Breitweiser decided that she needed to go on a mission and I still was not willing to go. One day while praying it became very prevalent that I needed to serve a mission and then my own personal studies revealed a deep testimony I know have.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know that it is essential to be living the right way to be eternally happy! I know that we must do what God asks in order to be in his presence and with our family forever! This is not because I was told that our raised that way! The missionaries that taught me that did not even help me to realize it! Not because of them but because of me. You must find your own truth in life. There are some things that you can be told and go with like 2+2=4 but in order to actually understand addition you must understand why 2+2=4. When you can understand why you have your answer to truth. It is the same with religion. You can be told that good=heaven, but what is good? How do you be good? Is good really all there is? If you do not understand what the symbol 2 represents then how can you get the answer 4? You cannot! It is our quest to find our own truth in life. We are all separate beings with separate spirits and therefore we cannot have the same knowledge as someone else! So, in order to find truth we must learn. In the academic world we learn from teachers. That is what a missionary is in the Gospel (religion/church.) We are there to set you on the right path. After all, even teachers do not do the learning for you! Teachers can show you how things are done and can tell you that they know it is true and it is the same thing for the missionaries. We are examples and we do not make you learn something but show you how to learn it for yourself. So, knowing how to pray I prayed to know about things. I studied! Especially from the Book of Mormon because it is wrote for us! For our people that live on the Earth today it was wrote. So, I studied and I prayed and I continue to study and pray. Through this I came to know that this is the true church on the Earth and I must follow it to be "good" in God's sight. I continue to learn everyday. I invite you--do the same! Find your own truth in the world! For finding your own truth is the only way!

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Mormon's go on a mission in order to share the gospel truths that we hold dearly with all the people we can! We do NOT serve missions in order to raise the number of member's in our church! So many people falsely believe that we are out here to make our church the dominating church and that all we care about are baptisms and how many members we have! While we do celebrate our increase, we celebrate it for the souls that have been saved through our efforts! We know the way that we can have eternal happiness and be with our families forever and we want to share that everybody! I want to share that with everybody and that is why I am out serving a mission! I am out here in the "mission field" as well call it to help all other come closer to Christ so that all people can have a knowledge of Him! I have a great gift that was brought to me three and a half years ago by some Mormon missionaries and now I want to bring that great knowledge that I have to all people. The way I look at it is that someone gave me an infinite amount of happiness and if someone gives you an infinite amount of happiness it is rude to keep it all to yourself! Sure you can share it with people by being around them but the real way to help them is to show them how to have their own eternal happiness! We as Mormon church members have that infinite happiness and we want all other people to have it! We are a Christian church and we love all other people! We want the best for all people! Because we want all other people to be happy we come out and serve missions in order to share our message/happiness with all people! We serve because we want to! It is not a direct requirement to serve a mission but rather it is a privilege to serve a mission! You go out and serve people all the time! The whole day you work with people that need you and that is why we do it. I and all Mormons serve missions for this reason. We want people to be happy and we have the key to happiness! So, grab a key from us!

How I live my faith

As discussed in my about me, I am currently a full time missionary serving in the Newport area of the Massachusetts Boston Mission! This means that I am out in the Boston area trying to show people the truths that I hold so close to my heart! I know that Christ lives and that through Him we may be the people that we need to be and also go to heaven with God, Jesus, and my loved ones. I want to let everyone know of this wonderful news that I have figured out so I am setting two years out of my life apart to come out here, with very little communication with the outside world or with my family that I love so dearly, and tell people the message that I hold so dearly! I am a "convert" meaning that I did not grow up in the church! I joined when I was 16 and when I joined I did not really understand the church or even know how deeply this church really affects my life. I just knew that it was a good feeling and that I knew that it was something that I needed to do! However, as I have went along being a member of the church I have almost drifted from the church which would have surely been the case if I had not dedicated myself to the church to serve a mission and be the person I am suppose to be! Through my own personal study and prayer I can develop my faith in Christ just like ever person can! I know that Christ lives not because I was told so by the missionaries but because after I was baptized in the church even I prayed and found out for myself! God is out there and he will communicate with you! All you have to do is have the faith to talk to him to ask him about things and to acknowledge that He is there and that He is your master. Once you have done this, you have the key to the universe. I have came to realized through my small experience as a missionary that all the things that we teach are true and that I must share this with everyone! So, in your search for truth, ask for yourself if this is true and talk to the missionaries. You will never regret trying.