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Hi I'm Clark

Born in Utah, I was raised in upstate New York. I work for IBM. I enjoy life and my family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the third of seven children in my family (3 brothers, 3 sisters). Being active as a child & teenager, I experienced many injuries. Among them: (1) Dried golden rod buried deep in my shin as I was running along a dried river bed. An operation ensued to remove it; (2) A broken arm from playing football in a parking lot; (3) A wound to my forehead from jumping head-first off a trailer. The punctured artery required stitches; (4) From High School Wrestling, tore cartilage in each knee (on three different occasions) requiring two operations. My parents got used to me coming home banged up. After High School, I was an LDS missionary in southern Argentina for nearly two years. I've tried to keep up my Spanish but with only partial success. I earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. I LOVE BYU - I met and married my wife while there. From this wonderful marriage I have seven children and currently seven grand-kids (one deceased). I fully expect more grand-kids will come since five children haven't married yet :-). I got a job with IBM out of college and have worked for them ever since (over 30 years). I enjoy ballroom dancing (earned Gold Medals in Modern & Latin dance while at BYU). Though in my 50's, I still play football and basketball (though aches & pains last a bit longer). I enjoy watching movies and reading books. I try to stay current by reading The Drudge Report and Human Events. I enjoy music & DJing church dances.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because of the spiritual experiences I've had throughout my life. These experiences started as a child. The church, and my parents, taught me to pray to our Heavenly Father often, asking for what we needed. One day, I was devastated to find that my pet turtle had disappeared from his box in the garage. I looked everywhere. I then thought to pray. So I went to my bedroom & prayed sincerely for help. Suddenly, the thought came to me to look between the box and the wall of the garage. I raced back downstairs and looked as I was inspired to do. Sure enough, there he was! That proved to me that God knows me and will answer anyone's prayers, even a child's. He has since answered many of my prayers (especially when I'm sincere and believing). I've also had a lot more experiences of a spiritual nature since that time. Many were as I was reading the scriptures or when I studied the gospel of Jesus Christ, or pondered His life. I've received on many occasions a burning in my chest, or a tingly feeling in my body, when I've read The Book of Mormon. Those feelings come from God, our Father in Heaven, via the Holy Ghost. I CANNOT generate those feelings on my own, or at my will. With those feelings, a strong impression or assurance comes that what I'm reading or pondering is TRUE! I HATE being fooled! I dislike immensely being deceived! Thus, I am very wary of it. I search for TRUTH in everything, not just religion. I've found the ultimate truth here, in this, the true church of Jesus Christ. It has made my life SOOOO wonderful! I feel so much joy and happiness as I keep the commandments as taught in the church and as I serve others. And His plan for us is AMAZING! Having the truth in how I should live and what I need to do to return to live with God the Father, and Jesus Christ, gives me a realistic hope that I can do it. Wow! Add to that the joy of having my wonderful family with me - for ALL eternity! I'm so blessed to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

Over the years, I've served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in many different ways. For many years, I was the "Activities Committee Chairman" for the church in much of the state. I planned and directed social (such as dances, conferences, visits from performing groups, etc) and sporting activities for all ages. I currently DJ the youth and adult dances for the church, at which we typically get 100 - 200 attendance. I've really enjoyed serving in this manner, though it can get tiring at times (especially setting up and cleaning up - UGH). I also serve as a Home Teacher. A Home Teacher is an on-going assignment to look out for the needs (physical, spiritual, etc) of families or persons assigned to a priesthood holder (of which I am one) by our church leaders. It includes visiting the person or family at least monthly and sharing a short spiritual message with them. I've really enjoyed this assignment and try to be faithful in it (though I don't always get in that monthly visit). From it I've developed some lasting friendships - some of them even after the person &/or has moved away. Now I'm the Bishop (similar to a Pastor) of the congregation in this area. As the Bishop, I'm responsible for the spiritual and physical well-being of the members. I direct the work of the Lord by presiding over most of the meetings and directing the efforts of the other members in their various assignments (what we often refer to as "callings"). I try to provide opportunities for spiritual experiences and growth. Additionally, I look for those that are needy and try to find ways to assist them, with the goal of helping them become independent or self-sufficient. Of course, that's not always possible, but that's the goal. I believe we feel best about ourselves when we are self-sufficient. I also look for opportunities to help and serve the community in general. In a nutshell, I work with God (seeking his guidance) to further the growth of His kingdom.