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Hi I'm Caleb Swanson

I'm an LDS missionary, born and raised in Milford, Utah. I'm a runner, aspiring novelist, and a part-time video gamer.

About Me

I enjoy having both my quiet time and loud fun with friends. My dream is to write a popular fantasy adventure novel. I'm the 3rd born of 7 siblings all of whom I love to death (including my two sisters-in law). I love video games. I love to fight with professionally-made foam swords and was part of a club at college for it. Like I said I'm a nerd. (It's similar to larping but the difference is that we were there purely for the fighting, we never pretended to have magical powers or anything as college students). I was a long-distance runner and ran cross country, track, and a few half marathons. I'm also a huge Yellowcard fan.

Why I am a Mormon

There's a great power and potential that lies within the soul of each and every individual that can be reached as they grow in their understanding that they are a child of God and just what it means. I have seen miracles happen within myself and with the circumstances surrounding me time and time again, but that is not how I know that it's true. The gospel's and doctrine's taught to me within the Mormon church make more and more sense to me the more I learn about it, but that is not how I know it's true. I know that this is the true church that the Savior himself organized on the earth because I prayed to God in the sincerity of my heart and a desire to know the truth and I received that answer for myself that this is God's true church restored on the earth today and that it can bless every aspect of our lives. God knows what is true and what is not, He loves us and does not want us to live in confusion, to deny that God can reveal the truth to us through prayer and a sincere desire to know is to deny God's personal interest in our lives and to deny His desire for us to return to Him as our loving Father in Heaven. I know this church to be true, but I don't ask you to take my word for it. I ask you to take God's word for it, because He knows what His true church is.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by the small moment-to-moments decisions I make throughout my life. For me, living my faith means to take advantage of the opportunities around us to express sincere love and kindness to one another. It can be something as small as helping another smile. Our Heavenly Father wants all of His children to be happy and often the answers to others prayers can come through another person. I live my faith by being the best that I can be and allowing my Savior to do the rest.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Caleb Swanson
The family is the biggest learning environment for children in the home. While friends may come and go throughout the course of our lives, our family, for the most part, stays with us and can be our biggest source for support. Family is important to me because of that support and because it gives me a greater understanding of the great love our Heavenly Father has for all of his children here on the earth. We believe that he is litterally the Father of our spirits. Keeping that in mind, think of the relationship between a loving child and their father here on earth. As a parent, you want what's best for your child. You want them to learn, to grow, to know things for themselves, and to grow to live a good happy life. Now lets put ourselves in the position of the child in this role and apply it to our role as children of God. The child does not know everything, they often scramble about making mistakes in the midst of their lack of understanding in how everything came to be. They don't understand just how much the parent does for them, but they can feel the love from that parent. Just like a child, we act according to our own understanding, and often cannot see the big picture of what is obvious to our Heavenly Father. He understands the importance of a spiritual family and has given us families here on earth to gain a greater understanding of our importance and role to Him. He wants us to have the support and love that He knows can only come from a loving family. Show more Show less