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Hi I'm Mandell

I'm a busy college student. I'm an AYSO soccer coach. I'm a member of the NAACP. I'm a Son of God. I am LEGIT! AND I'm a "Mormon".

About Me

I'm confident and enthusiastic. I love kids, even the snotty ones. I love to teach people, I find I learn more when I teach. I'm a good friend. I love my family, none of them are members of the "Mormon" church. I'm a mama's boy and a grandma's boy. I like to get involved wherever I am. I'm a contributor. I love science and math, and understanding how things work. I love to learn. I'm not shy or afraid to speak out and speak up about things that I feel passionately about. I'm hard working. I'm not perfect, but I don't pretend to be either. I improve myself day by day. I am independent. I'm sincere in everything I do. I like to stretch myself (physically and mentally). I like feeling healthy. I like going to dances. I love line dances, like the, "cupid shuffle". I like to rap, and pretend like I know how to. I like to play in water. I'm like a cat. I like to compete. I enjoy observing the changes that come into peoples lives who accept the gospel of Christ. I'm mature for my age (or so I've been told). I am blessed far more than I feel I should be. I am loved by many people. I am fascinated by Black History. I love learning about my own family History. I am legit. I'm too legit to quit. My grandma would say that I'm a "good boy." My mom would say that I'm, "just me". I'm humorous, but take my beliefs very seriously. I'm contemplative, I like to take time to think. I can be a little bit impulsive. I'm a son of the Most High God, and I know it. I try to keep it real.

Why I am a Mormon

LDS missionaries knocked on my door one summer afternoon and I decided to let them in. I'm sure that my du- rag, baggy jeans, and wife beater T- Shirt, coupled with the smell of marajuana, was anything but pleasant for these missionaries to encounter. I doubt that they saw anything special in me. They shared their messaged, I didn't agree with most of it, but was thankful for their time and devotion to what THEY believed. I excused them with the false promise to meet with them again at a later time. They returned, again, and again, and again. Time went by, and one day as I was singing a gospel tune, rather obnoxiously and boisterously, they knocked on the door. I had an inclination it was them, but was feeling friendly so decided to let them in once again. One of the two had returned home, and a new Elder had transferred in. We talked again, I drilled them with questions. These two missionaries were very different, from each other. It was the right combination of hot and cold, sweet and salty, acidic and basic, to cause a reaction within me, and I thirsted for more. I continued to meet with them, attended church, read from the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know if what they were teaching me was truth from God. It was made known to me that it was. I couldn't deny it nor did I want to. That's why I'm a Mormon. It only got better, realer, and more worth it from there. I keep it real, and this church is real. It's true. Its His. It is The Church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I read my scriptures on the daily. I listen to General Conference periodically, and attend my church meetings faithfully. I keep all of the standards and commandments, so that I can remain as hypocritically free as possible. I share what I learn and like with my family, and use different social media outlets to post uplifting and inspiring things. I pray with purpose, and look for opportunities to serve others. I attend the Temple at least once a week. I research my family history. I am a good son, a good grandson, a good brother, a good friend. I refrain from judging others who are and are not of my faith. I practice what I preach. I look to the Savior, by reading of Him and meditating (thinking deeply), so that I can be accounted as one of His followers. I revere womanhood. I hold my membership in this church as an esteemed honor. I respect my elders, and try to learn from them. I honor my families name by the way I live, by the way I talk, by the way I treat others. I live with a spirit of thanksgiving. I think of others before I think of myself. I'm patient with those who otherwise would lead me to impatience and rudeness. I encourage others around me to live high moral standards. Although I do all of these things, I admit that at times I fall short. I don't try and cover it up, but instead i repent and move forward. I bear my testimony to my friends and family. I bear it at church, at home and whenever I feel it is needed or necessary. I defend truth and virtue.