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Hi I'm Katie

Who am I? Who am I not to be? I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ who has & will help me overcome all! I am happy! & I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Hi I'm Katie and I'm a Senior in high school. I love reading, lately I've been studying the lives of both Mohandas Gandhi & C. S. Lewis, they are two of my heroes and are so inspiring and insightful! However Jesus Christ, whom I also study, is my ultimate hero. In the past up until this year I was very into theatre, it was basically my life. I preformed in several musicals, a few plays, & took theatre classes for 6 years. I also painted beautiful paintings, & consider myself to be a very creative person. I've done cross country, welding, and played sports. Right now I love riding my bike which has become a fun activity for me, especially with family and friends. :) Teaching has just been one of those things that has come naturally to me, it almost fuels me. I love getting up in front of crowds of people to share powerful truths that I've learned, it's really exciting, energizing, and I love sharing what I know with others. I hope one day to become a seminary teacher for the youth of the LDS church as well as an author and youth speaker. I also love learning, my mom calls me a sponge because when I'm in a class it's like I practically absorb the comments shared and the teachers lesson. I LOVE learning! I'm an ENFJ (a personality type) for The MBTI (a personality test) if you don't know what that is then I suggest looking it up, it's really good! I'm a gold in true colors, a intrapersonal intelligence learning style and mostly red with a little bit of yellow for the color code.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, however it wasn't until about 1 year &1/2-2 years ago that I really started to gain a strong testimony through experimentation on the truths of the gospel. Before that I was a little too preoccupied with things, people, etc. that I thought would make me happy, but instead just brought me misery. One can never sin enough to make themselves happy. Before I didn't like scriptures much because I didn't understand them at first, so I didn't give them a chance. I just figured that since I didn't quite get it that religion must not be so much of my thing (all it probably was is that I was too young to understand & unwilling to be patient to hear it out). It took a humbling experience to get me to be willing enough to give this all a try & when it came I did. One night I opened up my scriptures at the much older age of 16 and started reading The Book of Mormon by myself for the first time. All of the sudden a warmth and an understanding washed over my soul and I understood that what I was reading was true and powerful and that I needed to gain my very own testimony and knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel. Since then I've worked hard to do just that. I started out slow at first, after all it was a hard thing leaving friends, habits, and a whole life style behind for this, but it was ultimately overall worth it. Friends who didn't follow went off the deep end, and I honestly don't know where I'd be, or even if I'd be without this gospel. It's saved my life more than once. Through applying the teachings it provides in my life, I've been able to move on from the past, overcome hardships, and gain my own testimony. Ultimately it has brought me the pure HAPPINESS, peace, truth, and success which I was seeking for in all the wrong things. Even the good moments in life when I've gotten standing ovations later on for a theatre piece can't compare to the pure bliss I feel learning & living gospel truths.

How I live my faith

I attempt to be a disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I read my scriptures and pray often. Go to church on Sunday. Study talks given by the general authorities of the church. Write a journal. Refrain from inappropriate media and entertainment (movies, television, music, magazines, books, plays, etc.). Don't swear and try to use intelligent language. Listen to religious audio books and audio talks weekly. Sometimes help co teach a 5 year old Sunday school class. Listen to songs of worship. Volunteer to serve Christmas dinner to the less fortunate on Christmas day annually. Volunteer with coins for kids annually. Has worked with Pennies by the inch with a two other girls in my youth group to raise money for The Primary Children's Hospital. Helped out along with other church members with the church welfare system making stuffed toys for children around the world that don't have toys, making quilts, putting together care packages, etc. on several occasions for those who are in need. Wrapped packages for a rehabilitation center. Babysit free for a woman in need. Visit the elderly at local old folk homes. Taught free art classes to youth in her community. Attends 1-2 hour religious classes 4-5 days a week. Attends a weekly youth mutual activity. Do my best to love those around me. Shows service family at home (does chores, writes notes, encourages, loves, etc.). Is a friend to those who need a shoulder to cry on. Is a friend to those of all faiths and beliefs. Has friends who are Lutheran, Baptist, Non-Denominational Christian, Catholic, Atheist,LDS,and the likes. One of my life's motto's is something I made up which goes "be better today than you were yesterday, and to be something today that's hard to beat tomorrow." In the past I've served on class presidencies for the churches young women's program, and I've also served on a stake youth council for all the youth in my area. I've chosen to follow the standards listed in the "For the Strength of Youth" booklet.