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Hi I'm Bonnie Day Mihlberger

I was raised in Kaysville. I became a Mormon as a teenager. Life has gotten better and better- I love being a Mormon!

About Me

I lived in a small town in northern Utah, oldest of 3 children. I enjoyed being home and played with neighborhood children and relatives. My parents were totally committed to our family. Camping trips were our vacations, I gained a love of nature and the outdoors I still enjoy. My dad was a quiet gentle giant. He passed 20 years ago and I feel his spirit visit me at times and believe in guardian angels. We joined the Mormon church in 1962 and it became the center of our lives. I saw my dad become the man he was meant to be, at his death he was a temple sealer and excellent landscape artist. My mom found her joy in watching us achieve and was a great example of faith in Jesus Christ. Now 93 years old she is kind and grateful to all who help her. I graduated from BYU and became an elementary school ( retired this Spring after 20 years), Kindergarten was my joy. I did not marry until I was 33 , tough at times, but now I look back and thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful friends, and fun times traveling I was able to experience those 10 years. My husband and I met in a singles group in our church, I know that the Holy Ghost can guide us, for I knew we would marry and we finally did in 1980! We both planned to marry in the temple, and knew our commitment to each other and our 3 children would be eternal. Family is everything to me- my husband and I are retired and empty nesters and we look forward to sharing the joy we have in this"Plan of Happiness" with others. l

Why I am a Mormon

My answer as to why I am a Mormon needs to be explained in 3 phases. Phase 1: My early years, living in a small town, comfortable and cared for by family and extended family I felt content . Attending a Community Church on Sunday, a prayer over meals and short rote prayer at night with my mom seemed fine. We read about the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible at Christmas , but I thought little about getting to know my Heavenly Father or Savior. I was not aware of talents I might have or that my life could have a specific purpose. Phase 2: As a teenage I became friends with a great group of girls in my neighborhood, Mormons. They invited me to play on their volleyball team , go to girls camp with them and to weekly activities ,being shy and with little self-confidence , it felt wonderful to be included. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in high school and enjoyed attending seminary and opened the Book of Mormon , I felt no burning feeling of it's truthfulness BUT I kept reading and going to church, and it felt good! The first scripture I marked was Ether 12:27 .." I give men weakness that they may be humble,,,if they have faith in me then will I make weak things become strong..." I felt I had very little to contribute and knew of no specific talents I had. I began to ask myself, "does Heavenly Father REALLY know ME?" Phase 3: Now I wanted to know more about heavenly things, reading the scriptures daily I found peace and guidance from the Holy Ghost. Being an elementary teacher was a way to use my love of children, a gift, unique to me. Praying , I recall my surprise when a prayer was answered by a phone call- while on my knees! Learning to listen for direction and submit my will to Heavenly Fathers has brought amazing peace and joy. Temple attendance is like the frosting on the cake. I love the calm , no matter the storms of my life, when I trust my Savior Jesus Christ . I am happy to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

First some thoughts on 'faith', because as a child my grandmother gave me a necklace with one tiny mustard seed in a bubble, I loved it and the parable in the Bible that said if you have the faith of a mustard seed you could do great things. It took me years to understand that it meant me too, literally. Before my family joined the church on 1962 I never felt I could stand in front of a group, even to give a prayer. Going away to college and participating in singles wards I first felt faith growing in me, that with the Lord's help I could give a talk and even teach lessons to groups of 60 to 80 other women. I enjoyed serving those around me in little ways and felt my faith grow as I gave more of my time to others. Praying more consistently and reading from the Book of Mormon daily has increased my ability to 'live my faith' more daily. In the 1980's as a new mother with 3 small children I was asked to serve the needs of all the women in our area and find ways to meet their needs, also teach lessons and speak to large groups. I was amazed how Heavenly Father enlightend my mind through the Holy Ghost and helped me use time efficiently. As years have gone by with less demands from children I find a deeper joy in having the time to look for ways to serve those around me and think "What would Jesus have me do?" I believe the 'little things really are the big things" and sometimes a phone call or a note to someone, or spending a day with one of my children, or my husband, is the way to 'live my faith'. I do know that as my faith in Jesus Christ increases I see miracles around me daily, in small ways, and the more I acknowledge heavens hand the more miracles I see. I feel our purpose on the earth is to help others understand things not of this world- like faith. I thank my Heavenly Father for the desire to know eternal truths and thank him for the calm 'in the midst of the storms in my life' and pray for this in your life as well.