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Hi I'm Kevin

I'm from Idaho. I like to act, sing, and play video games. I think chemistry is actually rather fun, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Boise area with my family, consisting of my mom and dad, two older brothers and a little sister. I've been blessed with a wonderful, loving and active family, and we always did things together throughout my childhood. In high school, I accidentally got myself into theater and have loved it ever since. It seems like, even now, I live my whole life like I'm on a stage. When I entered my school's varsity choir, I also discovered just how much I love to sing, anything and everything, from classic operatics and musicals to the theme songs of my favorite video games. After graduating high school in 2010, I went off to college for a year, studying a bunch of different things and continuing in choir and drama. That was a seriously fun time; learning new and exciting things during the day while singing and acting on stage in the evenings. Now I live in Japan, doing volunteer work as a missionary of the church. Some random and potentially interesting things about me: I love board games, especially strategy like Risk or Axis and Allies. I was born without a sense of smell. I can speak Japanese. Well, pretty good, anyway. I put ketchup on my eggs and you can't stop me. I've played Dungeons and Dragons and I really liked it. "Ghost" is probably my favorite chick-flick. I try to get people to call me Titus. One side of my family are cowboys from Wyoming and South Dakota. I used to drink a gallon of milk a day. I love to read novels, though I never have time.

Why I am a Mormon

Even as a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have seen the difference the church has made in the lives of its people. There are simple, easy-to-understand things, like the healthier lives we live because we refrain from using alcohol and tobacco and coffee, and deeper, more complex things, like the love of life and cheerful disposition members tend to have because of the hope and peace we hold within us. If you've spent any real amount of time around an active member of our church, I'm sure you've seen this difference, though you may not have recognized it before now. They have a light in their eyes, a drive, a kind of humble dignity. They seem more willing to give of themselves than some of their peers. They listen. They smile. You probably just feel "good" around them. I'm a person of many faults. I've tried to change the bad parts of my personality by other means, but the only thing that has worked has been humbling myself and relying on the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, and trying to live as he taught. And all the time, I see this "difference" in other members of this church, who show by their actions and lives, as well as their words, how Christ taught us to live. If being a Mormon means I can change who I am and become more like my wonderful father and mother and hundreds of the other humble, helpful, kind and cheerful Mormons I know, well, then a Mormon is what I want to be. There are questions in life and existence, concerns that need answering, that can only be fully and adequately satisfied through revelations from God that are within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Do you really know who you are? Where you came from? Do you know where you are going? Do you know what you have to do to get there? I don't have to worry about those questions, and hundreds more like them, and neither should you. I am a Mormon because it brings peace to my past, joy to my present and hope to my future.

How I live my faith

Right now I serve full-time as a volunteer missionary way over here in Tokyo, Japan. Many people may wonder why a 20-year old guy like me would give up girls, friends, those video games I really like and my cell phone for two whole years and go to a foreign country to be a missionary and wear a shirt and tie all day. The truth is, if you knew just how happy the church has made me, just how much direction and answers it has given me in my life, it would make perfect sense to you that I would want to share it with other people. I literally have put my life aside for a while so I can spend every day telling everyone who will listen how to be happy and how to make theirs a happy family. Let me know if you're in Tokyo sometime; we can meet up, get lunch, and I'll tell you all about this church I love.