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Hi I'm Drew Linton

I grew up in Centerville, Utah. I love Wrestling, Running, doing things outdoors, and most of all my family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Anyone who gets to know me will shortly after get to know my love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my family...especially my 2 nieces and 6 nephews, my passion for wrestling and running, the tramp in the back yard that my brothers raised me on, my (dad's) 1984 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser, and my need to be out doors weather it be on foot, skis, or All-terrain tires. I love to work with my hands and to figure out how things work. This, the Landcruiser, and help from my dad have pointed my studies towards a degree in mechanical engineering. I also love playing the piano, and my first semester at college has made me love it more. I am now serving as a missionary in the Alabama Birmingham Mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church with my whole family as members. in my early childhood it was just how it worked, we went to church. before i was baptized, i remember my dad telling me that this was up to me, and that i should make my choices after my own desires for good. he encouraged me to pray and to make my own personal relationship with the lord, so that i would be able to find out for myself if the gospel of Jesus Christ was true and if being part of His church were something that i wanted to do. I started reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and finally asked for a confirmation from the Holy Spirit so that i could feel that it was true. I then received one of the happiest and most loving feelings I've ever felt, and an assurance that this was the right thing to do. since then, i have worked to strengthen my testimony and to do what is right according to that feeling from the Spirit i felt on that day and many times since. I have gotten to know the lord and the love he has for me individually as well as all his children, and I've come to recognize thoughts and feelings that he puts into my mind and heart as i do what's right. There are times when i struggle to feel the spirit, and often questions arise in my mind. During these times i remind myself that i have felt the spirit, and that it testifies that this is the living Christ's church here on earth and that i need to follow it's teachings to be truly happy. as i do this i look for answers to my questions, and eventually (though not always immediately) i have this assurance re-gained and all my doubts are dismissed. I am a Mormon because I've felt the spirit tell me many times that the truth lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and because as I follow it's teachings I have knowledge and blessings come into my life that couldn't have otherwise. I have witnessed miracles brought by the Priesthood power, which was restored as part of the fulness of the Gospel as it existed when Christ himself was on the earth.

How I live my faith

I believe its important to make contributions to your surroundings, and that its not enough to just avoid harming the people/things around you. as part of living my faith i not only try to make the most of myself and look for opportunities to help out for the church, but in my everyday life as well. In the church aspect i let leaders know what my talents are and that I'm willing to use them for improving Sunday meetings, helping out with church functions, or anything else where my time and talents could be used. This includes participation in things like ward choir, home teaching (where a companion and i visit an assigned family to give a spiritual thought and make sure they're doing well in their general lives), and church callings that come from the bishop. outside of church i keep my eyes open and try to be aware of people and things that need help, even if its just with simple things like making a donation, giving someone a ride, or helping keep public areas clean.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Drew Linton
Missionaries come to strengthen people's faith in Jesus Christ and to share the truths that God has revealed, in an effort to bring others close-or closer, to their Savior. Often, the messages they will share will strengthen faith that people already have and add to a foundation of truths that has already been built. They may share in specific what these truths are, how they were revealed, and most importantly, how you can know for yourself. Show more Show less