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Hi I'm Brad

I'm a small town boy living in the big city, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up most my life in a small town. I come from a family of 6. I am the baby boy of the family with 2 older brothers and a "little" sister. I grew up in a very active home.We played lots of sports from basketball to football and even track and field. Growing up we would go out as a family to play baseball or shoot hoops or even toss the football around in the streets. My family frequently enjoyed being in the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, week long camping trips and days out hiking. But even with this love of constant activity, we loved watching movies as a family. Accompanied with home made pizza and lots of laughs. When not out in our active lives or watching movies, we played music and sang together. We grew up with a huge apreciation for music. Each of us plays an instrument and we sing. I am now a newlywed living far from home. My lovely wife and I met in my home town and decided to move across the country to live near her family, to go to school and work. She is a full time student and I am paying for it! I work full time as a carpenter's assistant and study part time taking some online courses (and struggling). Although we don't have lots, we are enjoying our life. We deffinately consider ourselves blessed. I still enjoy playing guitar and singing with my wife. I was fortunate to find some one with the same apreciation for music and we even enjoy going out for a run from time to time. But most important. I am a Mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Hmm...where do I begin? I guess with my parents. My parents raised me and my siblings in the church. We learned from a very young age the teachings of the scriptures and of the prophets. I learned my responsabilities as a young man in the church and my duty to serve those around me. My parents taught me very well what it means to be a follower of Christ, not only through their words but they have always been excellent examples of the famous phrase "practice what you preach". Even though I had that great example in my youth of love of the teachings of Christ and of faith, I had struggled myself not in understanding the teachings but in believing the teachings. I was very closed hearted in my youth and rebelious to those teachings. I went through the expected motions with my family and assisted the meetings with them but my life was not in harmony with what was being taught. I remember one Saturday night when I was 17, I was asked to speak in church about prayer and I had no idea what to say. I had no real powerful experience on prayer, I didnt even know if I believed that God exisited, or that he answers prayers and my Mother, challenged me that night to pray, to ask for myself if God was there and if he was listening. I did with, what I thought was, no result. From then on I decided to really try and figure out what I was to do. I spent the following months, praying (with no results) and reading the Book of Mormon everyday. I tried for, what felt like, a very long time to know for myself. Either an answer would come or it wouldn't. It did! Not in a voice, or a cloud, or even a dream. It came as a calm reassurance that He was there. That all that I had been reading and living was true.

How I live my faith

I am an active member in the church.I have been a teacher for sunday school, teaching children about Jesus Christ and his role as savior, his teachings and his love for all of us. I have served in the church as a missionary in Uruguay. I lived there for two years teaching and serving the people. I learned many things there and from the people. They not only taught me Castillano (spanish), but they taught me how to be a better servant of our Father in Heaven, they taught me how to be bold and courages in sharing my believes and my faith with others and they taught me what it means to love. I loved being a missionary and I can honsetly say that I love the people of Uruguay. Although I may not have any official assignment in the church right now, I help where I can, from teaching and serving those around me to making invitations and providing input for church events. I still go out with missionaries here from time to time and help them teach people who are interested in learning about the church and how to come closer to God. I especially love helping the youth and talking with them about what I find to be of most importance but mostly hearing them and their knowledge and faith. My wife and I read the scriptures together and we are always praying together. Being just the two of us we end up praying quite a bit but I know that that one small act each and every day has and continues to strengthen us as a new couple and accompanied with the scriptures we find a greater peace in our small home and a greater love for each other. I love talking with her about the scriptures and learning from and with her. She might say that I talk too much and am overly stubborn but I have learned a lot from her and her faith. Our ability to do these two simple tasks daily has really helped us to be very open with each other and more understanding to each others needs. I know that it has everything to do with our dilligence in keeping close to our Father in Heaven.