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Hi I'm Jessica

I have a huge family that I love! I love the gospel and I love sharing it with others! I laugh and smile! I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I already see beauty in everyone's eyes, but it is important for me to help them see it for themselves. I love to make others feel good about themselves. I play the piano and I love to sing songs. I am known for my love of laughing and smiling, even when things go wrong. I like to serve and make other's feel happy too! It brings me so much joy when others are happy, smiling, and laughing. Sometimes that is difficult because people may not like me or may try to judge me, but I would rather be happy than sad all the time. I would rather be me than anyone else. I like to say, if someone wants to get to know me, then I might as well be my silly self the first time we meet. If they don't like me for who I am then it is their loss. It can be hard to recognize your own self worth. If you haven't found yours yet, keep searching. But don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be.

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents are members. When people hear that, they say that I have to be, just because they want me to be. This was true at first. I wanted to please them and I went to church because of them. I sat at church every week and participated in the lessons taught and soon I started to feel something. It was a mixture of feelings: love, peace, comfort, joy. I kept going and doing the things that I was asked to do. Then this feeling started to grow stronger. I started reading my scriptures daily and went to all church activities. I wanted to find out for myself that the church was true! I wanted to tell eveyone that I knew for myself and that I wasn't just saying it. I then decided to pray to God. If I was going to ask anyone if it was true, I wanted to get my answer from him. So I prayed and asked to know for myself. As I was praying I felt that amazing feeling stronger than ever before. I got my answer and know for myself that it is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it without a doubt in my mind. I know that God, my Heavenly Father, loves me so much. I know that he sent his son to die for me and that he is always there for me. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I know the things in there are written for me and my learning. I have incorporated this gospel into my life. It has become a part of me. Without it, I would be nothing! This gospel comes first and foremost in my life. I love it with all my heart, I live it everyday in my life, and I know it is true!

How I live my faith

I LOVE the gospel of Jesus Christ! It has become who I am and what I stand for! My faith is shown by the little things I do day by day. It all starts with my personal communication with my Heavenly Father. If I miss a day talking to him, then I miss a day of recognizing his love and presence in my life. He is always there but I have to show him that I am willing to listen and learn. Reading my scriptures daily has become a big strength in my life. Without the extra guidance that they bring, I miss out on opportunities to feel the spirit more fully. Putting a smile on my face even when times are rough can be a spiritual booster and representation of my faith as well. I have the knowledge of the true gospel and of God's plan for me. That knowledge alone helps me to smile and be happy. Serving others is a very important factor in my daily life. I want to live my life just like the Savior did. He went around and helped everyone. He showed them that he loved them and he cared for them. This is what I strive to do in my life to show my faith and my desire to become like him. Faith leads to action. I know that this church is the true church and I want to live my life in a way that projects my knowledge. There is a quote that says "I want to live my life in a way that those who don't know Christ, but know me, will get to know Christ by knowing me." This is my goal. I want to become like my Savior in every way possible, for this will bring me true happiness.

What is being a Mormon like?

What is being a Mormon like for me? Many people think that it sucks and that it is very restrictive. However, I feel that it is the complete opposite. Our church has many guidelines, or things that keep us on the right track to finding true joy. Onlookers take this to mean that we cannot do anything. We are restricted from fun activities. For me, I think that these guidelines are perfect. They keep me away from things that could be harmful to my health, my knowledge and my future. I find that when I pray to Heavenly Father, when I read scriptures, when I attend my church meetings and activities, I feel happiness all around me. However, when I forget to pray or read and skip out on my church meetings, I feel lost, confused, unhappy. Being a member of this church has helped me find true joy. I know where I came from, where I am, and where I want to be. I know Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having this knowledge brings me the greatest happiness of all. It cannot be compared to any other feeling. Show more Show less