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Hi I'm Kimberly

I grew up in Seattle. I worked summers in a fish cannery in Alaska. I have two sons and a husband I adore. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I learned young how to work hard. My Dad managed a salmon cannery in Southeast Alaska in the summers, so I began working there when I was 15. Working seven days a week often in excess of 16 hours a day taught me a lot about who I am, what I wanted in life, and what I was capable of achieving. Knowing I could do hard things gave me the drive to complete my bachelor's degree and continue to apply the principles of hard work to all aspects of my life. I love writing, graphic design, reading, ballroom dance, playing piano and guitar, gardening, orchid cultivation, and cooking. I am married to the man of my dreams: he respects me, God, and continually strives to serve me and our family. He is currently a medical school student in Southern Florida and I take care of our two wonderful little boys. I love having the opportunity to be a wife and a mother. It is the opportunity to work hard and create an environment where young minds can be cultivated and strengthened every single day.

Why I am a Mormon

It makes my life complete to have an understanding of who I am as a daughter of God, what God expects of me, and where I am going in this life and the next. I have worked hard to develop a personal relationship with my Father in Heaven and his Son - my Savior. I feel of his love daily as I see all that I am blessed with in our small two-bedroom apartment. I draw strength from the Book of Mormon through its clear teachings of Jesus Christ and his perfect atonement and love for me. Life can be hard. Sometimes even just having the patience I know my children deserve seems like one of the largest challenges. But as I understand God's love for them because of his love and patience for me, it helps me keep my life in perspective. It helps me be a better mother because I truly want to do all I can to serve and bless my family. I find I am happiest in seeing my children learn and succeed. In seeing them progress and grow, I know that that is what God sees in me. As I make a concerted effort to care for my children and teach them, I know they are the most important things in my life. As I attend church and partake of the sacrament, I know my Savior truly makes it possible for me to be a joint heir with Him in the life to come. And that life will be filled with the bliss of knowing that I have done my best, given my all, and done all I could to bring my children and my loved ones to that knowledge as well.

How I live my faith

I worked with our community's teenage girls ages 14-15 for four years. It was an incredible opportunity to see their commitments to follow the example of our Savior through service, and in their every day actions of inviting Christ in their lives through prayer, scripture study, and holding themselves to high moral standards. This was also a wonderful opportunity for me to share with them the strength and happiness living the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought to my life. I think how I live my faith most importantly centers around my children and our home. I believe that my children have an uphill battle to fight in this life and they need every ounce of strength and courage to make the decisions that will bring them true and lasting happiness. I want them to fully partake of that joy. Even though my boys are young, just 3-1/2 and 1, I know that this path to happiness starts now. The foundation that I am teaching them of praying to their Heavenly Father and seeking his guidance as I do in my life is setting a pattern for them so when the encounter hard things in life, they will always know where to turn. I also visit with other women from our congregation in their homes. I love being able to talk with them and try to understand how their life is really going. When they need something, they know I care about them. We are here to help and uplift each other just as our Savior did. I feel so enriched by my associations with these women. I also love meeting new people and learning from them. I enjoy taking my boys to the park in the year-round sun here is southern Florida. There are often other parents there and I love conversing with them and learning how they live their lives and what is important to them. This is often reciprocated and I often have the opportunity to share my values with them as well. Values of family, faith, and perseverance.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

I am so grateful for the Priesthood of God restored to us in the fullness of his gospel today. Inherent to the divine nature of womanhood, woman has been genetically programmed to grow within her womb physical bodies for God's spirit children to possess. For woman to participate so closely as to become a creator herself and share in that divine process, women inherently possess a greater capacity to love, nurture, and exercise faith. Those are qualities that man possesses as well, but not as inherently as woman. I have watched my husband hold and honor this Priesthood as it has driven him to improve himself and make him more like our Savior. He cannot use this Priesthood ever for his own benefit - only to bless and serve those around him. We talk about the power of the Priesthood, but it is not a power that empowers the holder. It is a power - God's power - that can bring peace, healing, and understanding to the recipient of a Priesthood Blessing. Show more Show less