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Hi I'm Carson Gugyelka

I Sing my heart out, write Songs, Love the color Orange, and have an Enthused spirit to Live Life! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I have a thriving passion for music; writing music and lyrics, and singing. I've released a music single "By Your Side-Carson" and plan to pursue my music career when I return from my England London South Mission! Guitar and piano are what I play and live for. Basketball has always been my sport! Though Nothings better than family. For now, my mission is where it's at, and I know it will bring me and my Heavenly Father the most Joy!

Why I am a Mormon

Happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. I am happy because I have learned to love this Gospel by many small actions of faith, where I desired to know why others were so happy when they lived the gospel, read the scriptures, and why they were always smiling even when life wasn't so easy. It all starts with a small seed of faith, and if planted and exercised, it will grow. I exercised faith that Christ was real and that Heavenly father did exist, then I simply started the scriptures everyday, desiring to obtain Christ's word. As I continued to read and desire, praying all the way through, my knowledge of the gospel increased incredibly! Also, I gained such a strong love and desire to read the scriptures that I felt as the Book of Mormon prophet stated "feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do." (2 Nephi 32:3). As I humbly desired to know of the truth, the spirit-which is feeling the pure love of God-attended me, and my mind was enlightened to know of Christ's plan for me. That there was a way back to him, and that his way would bring em the most happiness. I have never stopped reading, searching, learning, or desiring to know of all that the Lord expects of me. I now have an unshaken and sure foundation, in Christ. I know without a doubt that He is the way, and the only way, that if I try with all of my might, mind, and strength, he will always have mercy and provide a way for me and all of his Children to get back to him. That's what he desires, that we may be received into his loving arms and attain the highest level of happiness that he can offer us. I know my Saviour loves me, and every one of his children. He know's our struggle, sorrow and pain we endure at times, but he has already paid the price and endured all these sufferings, that a way may be provided for us to cast on him our sorrow and sin, and be perfected in him. I am a Mormon, because I know Christ has a true and happy plan for me.

How I live my faith

I have the greatest, and most fun responsibility to be a teacher in the primary (sunday school for children age 3 to 11) for children that are seven years old. Yes, it can be wild at times but we pull through and I know they hear the things I teach because of the thought out answers they give. This group of kids are preparing to be baptized for when they're 8 years old, and so I pay close attention in explaining what baptism is-a cleansing of every sin or misdeed up until a person is 8. No matter how minimal, children are forgiven of everything, and are given a fresh new beginning to progress in living the gospel. It is when children turn 8 that they become accountable for their decisions, and so I am always teaching about being obedient to God's commands, to their parents and older family members, leaders, and others who care about them and desire them to be happy. Also, how every decision they make has a consequence, and that it is important to listen to what is called-the "Holy Ghost" which they receive after their baptized-which is the way that Heavenly Father communicates with all of us by feelings you get when you make a decision. For example, I teach about how if the children have a good feeling about a decision, then it is the right thing to do, they're choosing the right, and doing what Heavenly Father wants them to do. But, if they get the feeling they're making the wrong choice, then they need to listen to that feeling or prompting from Heavenly Father. It's a very simple principle, but so important, as we always need guidence-we don't know everything, but Heavenly Father does. I also home teach three families with my Father. We go out once a month and share a short message about Christ, then we simply communicate and build strong friendships, always offering to help them with anything they need. The point of home teaching is that everyone looks after each other, and never leaves anyone behind, as we all want to be happy and see Christ again.

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

Carson Gugyelka
The Holy Ghost is simply our phone line, or connect with Heavenly Father. When we feel the Holy Ghost, we feel the love of God, which gives us: Comfort and peace when we feel over whelmed, guidance and direction when feel lost and unsure about a decision, small or large, and whenever we are feeling happiness or joy, we are feeling the spirit and know that what we are doing is what Heavenly Father desires us to do. Also, The Holy Ghost bears truth to your heart and mind, meaning the scriptures, or when a person has studied and prayed to know if a principle of the gospel is true-ex. Faith, fasting, word of Wisdom, or any other principle or law of the gospel-the Holy Ghost lets you know by way of a warm, peaceful, and happy feeling in your heart, and your mind is set at rest and understands that what you have asked, is true-you just know it in your heart and mind. BUT- Two things to know: 1) Everyone can feel "the spirit", meaning the love of God and be comforted, guided etc BUT 2) the Holy Ghost can "constantly" be felt, and remain with you at all times if a person remains righteous and obedient at all times in and in all places. It is described as the "gift of the Holy Ghost" a person can only recieve it once they first-have Faith in Christ, second-repent and commit to living Christ's teachings, third-is baptized by immersion and is cleaned/forgiven of all their sins, THEN fourth-you receive the wonderful and amazing companionship of the"Gift of the Holy Ghost". Show more Show less