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Hi I'm Mathew

I grew up on a farm, I play piano, I custom build computers, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised on a family farm in a small town in rural Utah. Growing up, it was my responsibility to feed horses and cows, to irrigate fields of alfalfa and corn, and to tend to other miscellaneous tasks. I am the oldest of seven siblings. I have one younger sister and five younger brothers. One of my favorite things to do is to spend time with my little brothers, whether it be playing sports, video games, or wrestling them to the ground. Throughout my life, I have been fascinated with technology, especially computers. One of my favorite hobbies is taking a bunch of compatible computer parts and hooking them together inside a computer case. I enjoy building powerful and fast PCs and top them off by putting colored LED lights inside the case so it looks sleek and cool when it lights up. My friends and I have to laugh since my dad expected me to be a farmer and a cowboy, but instead I'm quite the opposite. I would like to think that I'm not a complete geek and am still pretty cool, haha. My favorite sport is definitely basketball. I usually play as a guard and if I could, I'd play pickup games six times a week. I am an avid NBA fan and I closely follow my favorite teams and players. I also enjoy playing golf with my friends. Another one of my hobbies is playing the piano, though I'm not too interested in playing classical pieces. I prefer to play popular movie theme arrangements and hope to continually get better throughout my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it brings happiness to my life. This church teaches a special message of God's love for all of us. We are all God's children and we are sent down to this earth to have experiences, to learn, and to grow. All of us, though, will die one day. Without this church, this thought would greatly trouble my mind, but it doesn't, because I know better. I know that when we die, it is not the end. In fact, it is a necessary part of God's plan for us. When we or a loved one die, we will be able to see each other again. This church teaches the importance of families. A family can be together forever. God has provided a way for a family to always be together, despite death or any other obstacle. This brings me great joy to know that there are even better things in store for me and those whom I love. You may be wondering how I can say that I know something like this. God has a way of communicating to us truths like this. He does this through a member of the Godhead called the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can give us a feeling inside of our hearts that reassures us of truth. This feeling is often hard to describe. It is a warm feeling, a peaceful feeling, and can be powerful enough that we cannot forget nor deny it. I have felt this special witness in my life to know that God lives, that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that death is not the end, by the power of the Holy Ghost to my heart. I feel so privileged to have had that confirmation of these things that it is the reason why I am giving two years of my life, paying my own way, to share this wonderful message with others as a Mormon missionary. To those reading this, this feeling that I have described is not limited to only a few people. We are all God's children and He loves every single one of us! You can know for yourself if what I have said is true by getting this same feeling inside of your heart. A great place to start is to contact a Mormon missionary!

How I live my faith

An obvious way that I live my faith is I attend my church meetings every Sunday where I learn to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, however, I do my best to not only apply this in my life one day a week, but every day of the week. I am far from perfect and often fall short, but when presented with opportunities where I can help and serve other people, I strive to use my talents to benefit others, just as Jesus Christ teaches us to do. Often, I am able to help neighbors and friends fix their computers if they have a virus, or use my youth to do yard work or heavy lifting for more elderly people. At church, we often set days to perform service projects as a group to help others in the community. My parents were always very adamant that I attended these while I was growing up, and once the labor was performed, I always had a good feeling inside of me for helping someone else. The biggest way that I am going to live my faith for the next two years is by serving a mission for my church. You may be familiar with the Mormon missionaries. They are usually identified by their white shirts and ties, name tag, dorky helmets while riding a bicycle, and wearing a backpack. As a future missionary, we freely volunteer to pay our way to serve Jesus Christ for two years by sharing His special message and serving those around us. I have been called to serve in France. I will soon be leaving my home to learn to speak the language and move to France to serve others and share Jesus Christ's message. As a missionary, I will do my best to care for everyone that I come in contact with and to help them to the best of my ability, whether that be serving them by doing yard work, or teaching them of God's love for them. To anyone reading this, I hope if you have the opportunity to talk to a missionary, you will take that opportunity. That missionary will be a young man or woman, just like me, who wants to be your friend, just as Jesus Christ is.