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Hi I'm Marcus Webb

I'm from Mesa Arizona, I'm serving a 2 year mission in Portland Oregon, I love the game of dodgeball and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm a short ginger that indulges in sports, but I'm not overly good at them. I play dodgeball as often as humanly possible and I love to play ultimate frisbee and disc golf. I'm the second oldest of 4, and one of three red heads. My parents rock. They raised me right! I grew up in the LDS faith, but struggled to get my own testimony of it's truthfulness. But after diligently reading from the Book of Mormon and constant prayers, I received the most amazing peace and comfort from my Father in Heaven, telling me this was true. Everyday, I try to come even closer to my Savior Jesus Christ, I owe him everything and more. I'm truly happy knowing that I'm living my life in a way that's pleasing to God and walking the path back home to Him. Being a Mormon is not difficult, it's actually a lot easier than trying to fit in to society! Belonging to Christ's church and following his teachings helps me stay away from the crap of the world and have true happiness, that will last through all eternity. But the best part is the relief I feel as I rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of Him, I can do better everyday and be forgiven of my mistakes. And right now, I'm trying to show my appreciation by serving the Lord in Portland Oregon, by way of a two year mission. I get to spend two amazing years sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy that only His true church can bring. If a silly Ginger can follow Christ, anyone can, you just have to trust Him and keep His commandments!

Why I am a Mormon

Because I've prayed to the my Heavenly Father, in faith, to know if this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and what he wants me to do. I got an answer, and I have true happiness in my life because of it. I have a lot of friends and a lot of people I meet on my mission that don't like the Mormons, but they don't even know us! People tell me I don't believe in Christ and I tell them, you bet your bottom dollar I do. It's his church and his name is in the title! We don't worship Joseph Smith, we are allowed to drink soda, and I'm not restricted on everything I can do. God gave us the ability to choose for ourselves, and he also gave us everything that will bring us real joy in life. I love Jesus Christ so much, and he's the best big brother you could ever ask for. If you ever have any questions, ASK ME! I would love for every person on earth to experience the same peace and knowledge that I've received in Christ's true church. I'm proud to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I think the only way to live your faith is by doing. I have to do the things the Lord has asked! Why would I be called His good and faithful servant if I haven't served Him? Trick question, I wouldn't be. If we aren't following Christ, we're following satan. I remind myself constantly of a verse in the Book of Mormon that reads, "For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God..." Alma hit it right on the nose. Get yourself out of the sins of the world and become the person the Lord would have you be. And the only way to do that is by promising to follow Him and walk the path He has laid in front of us. Jesus Christ has asked so little of us compared to the innumerable blessings He has in store for us if we will keep His commandments. Every single day I feast on the scriptures, they were written for us to learn how to be more like Jesus. Just another remarkable blessing from our dear Savior. But really, I just try to love everyone possible, (except satan), and avoid all the garbage this world tries to throw on me. I rely on His grace daily, but that doesn't mean I have no responsibility. Through Christ's grace, I can prepare to meet God. I repent daily, or change daily, through Christ's Atonement. If we don't prepare to live with God for eternity, we won't want to! We'd feel too guilty and be miserable knowing what more we should have done! I try hard to stay away from worldly things, and search for things of eternal importance. Love God, and do His will!