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Hi I'm Lynn

I'm a Canadian living in the United States. I'm a photographer, music lover, and busy mother of two. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After receiving my degree in music education from the University of Alberta in Canada, I moved back to BC and conducted community and church choirs as well as taught elementary school music before meeting my husband and moving to the United States. It took me awhile to find a niche here, and I'm itching to do more choral work. After my kids were born, I discovered photography and enjoy learning as much as I can about it. I'm certainly not the "Molly Mormon Perfect Mom." My house is usually a disaster. If someone stops by unannounced I want the floor to open and swallow me and my mess temporarily! Someone told me that I'm simply too busy living to worry too much about a house that will still be here when I get back, and they appreciate that about me. Believe me--I appreciate the comment, because when I see lovely, well appointed homes I have to admit to more than a bit of disappointment in my inability to keep such a home myself! I race here and there either taking photos, working, bringing my kids places, blogging,or working on church responsibilities. I recently started a new job, which adds the the chaos. And if a good book comes along and it's a choice between reading or mopping a floor, reading definitely trumps. It's just that there are just too many good books in the world, you see!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was just shy of 9 years old, my mom was taught by the missionaries and joined the church, and I was baptized at the same time. I don't know that I ever doubted the truthfulness of it. It just fit somehow. The doctrines of the gospel make sense. That's not to say that as I grew up I just followed along unthinkingly. I prayed a lot, and when I decided to not pray, things didn't go as smoothly. When I looked at what the alternative was, how difficult life could be, and how people struggled trying to understand the hows and whys of life that I had known since I was a child, it seemed silly to contemplate giving up what I knew to be true and right. There have been times when I've wanted to be lazy and slough off, but when it came down to it, the unhappiness that I would inflict upon myself would have been just...well, it would have been a stupid thing to do! So I've plugged along, and as I've done so, my testimony has grown, and now can say without any doubt that I know that Christ's church has been restored, with all of the power and doctrine that was here while He walked the earth. I know that He loves all of his children, no matter when they lived, and He hasn't abandoned us without guidance as to His will for us now, in the 21st century. He has loved and guided his children throughout the ages and will continue to do so. I know that there is a prophet today, and if we follow his direction as the mouthpiece of God, we will be safe and happy. I'm so thankful that we have scriptures, both ancient and modern to inspire and teach us. I always feel such a good feeling when I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon--once I start reading I don't want to stop! I'm blessed to have a testimony. The things that I know help me through the trials that come in this life, and I certainly wouldn't be as able to manage difficulties and recognize blessings without the knowledge that I have that has come as I've learned about and lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

A friend and I had a conversation about living the faith. She isn't a Mormon, and was concerned that being a Mormon is a lifestyle that she didn't feel that she could ever live herself. The funny thing is that other than understanding the doctrine of the gospel, she in other ways pretty much lives how I do (other than the coffee and tea, of course!). Living the gospel isn't that hard, and although some might say that it's restrictive, keeping the commandments keeps you free from the nasty consequences that come from making poor choices, and opens up a world of possibilities. I've had the opportunity to serve almost everywhere in the church. My first job was to play the piano for the little ones when I was 12! I didn't really know how to play well, then, so I just played the melody line, but due to that opportunity, I learned how to sight read really well as my skills grew, and it has served me well in and out of the church ever since. From that first calling, I've been able to experience and learn many things that I otherwise would not have. Currently I'm an adult Sunday School teacher. I never thought I'd be able to do it--but now my knees don't even shake! I love the scriptures, and being able to study them more every week has been a blessing.