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Hi I'm Jake

I'm from Erin, Ontario, Canada. I'm just a normal guy with big dreams, and I'm so excited! Science, art, math, music... I love it.

About Me

I love learning. I want to learn it all! All the languages, all the math, all the instruments, all the geography, all the history, all the books... okay you get it. Right now I'm working on an engineering degree, and my dream is to make "cool stuff"; anything that inspires people, whether it's apps, art, music or inventions. I'm opposed to the idea that many of us have that the arts and sciences are two distinct or even opposite fields. We tend to take the creativity out of the creation, and I'm out to fix that. I'm also out to destroy grapefruit juice, that stuff is nasty. I have an older brother and a younger sister, ie. middle child pride!! All of us are nerds except for my mom, but she does a good job at tolerating us. I personally want to have twelve kids. They will all be musical geniuses and family reunions will just be huge jam sessions. Yeah, I like to rock out.

Why I am a Mormon

Well I often feel like I won the lottery when I was born, because I was born into a Mormon family with really good parents. I always loved church and loved the identity that I found living the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I became a teenager I became even more serious about my church commitments. I understood deeply the significance of what it would mean if the "church was true" or if it wasn't. So naturally, I wanted to know for myself. When I was about fourteen I decided to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover for the first time. I loved it. I still searched and waited to get a clear answer for myself of whether this church was the right one for four more years, though I couldn't deny the fact that I never felt more alive than when I "lived the Gospel". So throughout all this time I did my best to be true to the things I'd been taught. During high school I was heavily involved in theatre, and I remember working up the guts to explain to our director that I needed to modify some of the script because the language didn't meet my standards. He didn't really understand, but he respected my values and I felt a big weight lifted from my chest. I realized young that living a value-centred life means a lot of "working up the guts" experiences, and as scary as it is, I like that. The values I've learned to embrace as a Mormon have gotten me thrown into the fire, so to speak, but they've always gotten me out again feeling even stronger than ever. Eventually I had that illuminating experience that I had been praying for, when I was eighteen years old, at a special week-long church conference for teengers. Looking back, it came at the perfect time, when I was actually ready for it. So with that answer in hand, and many more since, I'm running onward and upward. I know that the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are true and come from God. It's awesome, I love being a Mormon, and I love my Saviour.

How I live my faith

During highschool I got involved in doing a lot of service. I helped out with organizing and running scout camps, and also got involved in leading service camps for teenagers. Those were great experiences for me, and once I realized how satisfying it is to volunteer, I tried to never turn down an opportunity to help out in the community. In this moment (June 2015) I'm in Italy serving a proselyting mission for the church. I've been here for almost two years living the simple and rather peculiar life of a missionary. I've learned Italian so that I can share my knowledge and love with the people here, and I have been mind-blown.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

I made the choice to serve a mission at a very young age. I've always known that the Lord wanted me to do it, and I've always wanted to please Him. I see my sacrifice to serve a mission as a sign of my love for my Saviour. If I hadn't gone, yeah nothing bad would have happened. Serving a mission is a duty, but it's not enforced. At the same time though, having now served my mission, I look back on that leap of faith that I made when I stepped on the plane to Italy, and its as if I leapt right into a pool of well, a really really awesome thing. Anyways, I can already see that from the languages learned, the leadership skills grown, the understanding of the world gained, communcation skills honed, etc... Life is looking sweeter than ever. That's not really why I did it, but hey, I'm pumped! This is just what happens when you follow the Lord. And I realized while I was out there, that I need to use all these gifts to help people. Show more Show less