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Hi I'm Lonelle

I gew up in Martinez, Ca, USA. I am a certified massage therapist and single mother of two children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with 4 siblings and am still best friends with my sisters and brother. I am a mother to two children: my daughter is 21 and my son is 9. I was a teen mother with my daughter and have borne and raised both my children solely. This alone has directly shaped & sculpted me into the person I am today and as such I have worked very hard raising my children to be strong, smart, and loving. We are an extremely goofy family and love to laugh at ourselves (and others too!). All in good fun. My interests are so wide and far but I love health, fitness, and nutrition, athletics, dance, yoga, aerial arts, science, fine arts, reading, drawing, CrossFit, Paleo and Primal Lifestyle and loving and learning to love my fellow man. I am a massage therapist and have the privilege of helping my clients improve the quality of their lives with therapeutic massage and bodywork. I love each of them so much and never take their trust and confidence in me for granted.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the Mormon church. But as a teenager and young adult I became inactive and no longer claimed to be Mormon, ceasing to practice the religion's gospel principles, believing I could find what I needed out in the world. Which I tried. While I still very much deliberately tried to live a virtuous and righteous life I became involved in things or practices that inevitably diminished my personal peace & happiness and eventually eroded my faith altogether. After finding myself pregnant again, out of wedlock I had finally lost all my faith. Faith in my myself. Faith in mankind. Faith in God. Ironically, my children became my only source of meaning but otherwise, I was thoroughly disappointed. Completely disillusioned, and utterly disenchanted with the world. I could no longer pretend I was satisfied with it's seductive yet hollow illusions of happiness and success. The world taught me that happiness was either in direct conflict with living as Christ did or it was entirely irrelevant, old-fashioned & inapplicable in today's modern world. I found apathy to be the biggest deceptions out in the world and I had to finally live with enough despair and loss of hope to recognize it. Bearing my testimony of Jesus Christ and being a member of His church is difficult for me to share but for the sake of passing on the very real light, and love, and peace that accompanies coming unto Christ I will. If nothing I have said carries any weight other than this, I ask you to ask yourself: Peace. To where, and to whom do you find peace? Even if you can't believe in Heaven or Hell at this time. Is not the world incapable of offering us peace? Are we not incapable of truly providing ourselves with peace? Are we not imperfect? Do we not get in our own ways? Peace. It truly is a gift given to us from Christ and his Atonement. I have looked. And I have found not. It is only through Christ and his atoning sacrifice. And I cannot deny it. I. Cannot. Deny. It.

How I live my faith

I try to keep the commandments: attending Church each Sunday; reading scriptures daily; fasting; daily prayer; paying tithing; loving my fellow-man; being honest in all my works; keeping the Sabbath Day holy; tending to my personal relationship with myself and my Heavenly Father. Daily I try to examine my motives in all my actions and dealings, working at changing them, correcting them or altering them somehow to match what I feel to be in alignment with gospel principles and the teachings of Christ. This is sometimes very difficult given the fact that I'm human, and greedy, and selfish, and childish at times - but I try! And I know that as long as I'm breathing my opportunity to change, grow, repent, and evolve is always available!

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

You know how sometimes you know something - you just have a surety of it? It's a feeling that transcends a hunch, or intuition but simultaneously you could never prove it. For example: Someone loves their child, or spouse, or parent but you could never answer the call to prove that love. That is a lot like a testimony. It is knowledge. Knowledge borne of sincere, heartfelt inquiry. Inquiry that may even be full of being afraid to find out that truth. Testimony's are often deeply personal and while it's lovely to hear another's testimony as they can be filled with such beauty and hope - there is nothing quite like acquiring your own. How sweet it is to be armed with elegant truth(s) while living in a world of such chaos, disharmony, and confusion. Show more Show less