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Hi I'm Aubryelle

I'm a poor college student. I love popsicles. I'm a mormon

About Me

I'm Aubryelle and I've been a Mormon my whole life. I have a big family that I love lots! I have been a very active child. In my kid years I played all of the city league sports imaginable (besides all the rambunctious boy sports like wrestling and football.) In my pre- high school years I really fell in love with volleyball, thanks to good old church ball. After that I played volleyball whenever I could. Outside on the lawn teaching my little brother, on the high school team, club teams, family parties, etc. My junior year I took a gamble and joined the diving team, and let me tell you, it was a blast! I excelled, catching on very quickly, which definitely added to my love. I am currently in college living the life. My classes are difficult, I'm not yet sure how to study efficiently and have a social life. The social life usually wins when compared to school work though. I love nature especially during the fall, I love boating, and anything with water, I love jamming out on my guitar and singing, I love concerts, popsicles, eating, my family, my roommates, being a Mormon, I love that I get to go on a mission super soon, and basically I just love my life!!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I love it. I have grown up in the church, not really having a big conversion moment because everyday I receive a witness that it is true. I have two half brothers who have gone astray from this gospel. I love them dearly, but they have not/do not make the smartest choices. One brother in particular has been in and out of jail, in and out of work, in and out of living with my parents, addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, the list goes on. He has struggled bad. It literally breaks my heart watching him throw his life away. I know the difference from my life and his. I know that it is because of this gospel that my life is so much better then his. I have guidelines that make my life awesome! I have never been a rebellious child because I know, I know nothing good comes from it. It's hard knowing that my brothers life could have been so much better, saved the family some tears, if only he had embraced Christ into his life and followed his teachings. I have seen the bad in this world and I don't like it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provides a way around it, a way for true happiness! Imagine it, true happiness. I have felt that true happiness and let me tell you, its super fantastic. I gain strength from standing up for what I believe in. My testimony is my most treasured possession. It grows everyday. This gospel makes life so much more beautiful! Knowing God placed that sunset there to let you know that he loves you and to tell you your doing a good job. Knowing that every single person is a daughter or son of God! We are all struggling in this life and trying our best. I am a Mormon because I love it. And because I love it I am going on a mission, to help other people realize that they love it too! They just don't know it quiet yet.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to be a better me everyday. I have acquired a habit of picking up garbage I see on the ground If I look at it, i pick it up. I love waving at people I don't know, or saying hi, or even just smiling at them. it and pray for opportunities to serve people around me and if i'm lucky I get to be an answer to someones prayers! Right as I get to teach the women of my college ward I have the opportunity to answer so many prayers as long as I am faithful. I try to attend every service the church has whether its church or a devotional on Sundays, family home evening on Mondays, etc. I live my faith by listening to my church leaders, man do they know their stuff. I gain so much strength from these meetings that it blows my mind. I am probably safe to say that the way I live my faith, is I try. Everyday I try my best, to follow my church leaders, to be helpful, to follow the commandments and to be a true disciple of the Lord in everything I do. I am for sure not perfect, I have bad days, I fall short, but I try. I believe that's what being a Mormon is all about, trying, giving it your all.