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Hi I'm Daniel

I grew up in southeast Idaho on a Family Dairy Farm. A Beautiful experience for growing up. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I enjoy experiencing life. I should write a book some day. I grew up in a small town on a good sized family dairy farm. At a young age I was able to see and be a part of growing plants and animals and my responsibility in regards to them growing and or dying. It has made me more grateful for what is on my plate, the work involved in growing food. I was able to go to work with my Dad, for my Dad in which i am thankful. I am a Father of 2 sons now and thinking of ways to provide that experience for them. We farmed over 800 acres as a young boy it was a great adventure. played high school sports basketball and football in which we were undefeated in football and took state, to be a part of a team/family is awesome. Thru the years went to college , some underground mining, owned a Limo company, carpet cleaning, part owner in a plastics company, been involved with and worked for many industries,sewer and drain, sand and gravel, ready mix concrete, injection molding, packaging, printing to name a few and now in nutrition and water. All in which have added perspective to life. Love the outdoors, the water and looking at the possibilities. Most of all knowing of a loving Heavanly Father and My Family now and the Fun we have each day, Loving the simple moments of just being with them and letting them teach me how to live in the moment. We all need reminders thanks to my kids for reminding me each Day!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon cause through out my life starting from when i was very young it has always been clear to me that this is they way life should be. all the questions in my heart have either been answered or another good question has been put in play. The Life of the Savior and what he taught is so needed. To know there is a prophet on the earth now, there are 12 apostles, temples, his church. I grew up in the church, it was a blessing. To see it grow worldwide and where ever you go show up at a mormon church(latter day saint) it's like you are home. To see converts that understood the Bible and then connect it with the Book of Mormon to see there testimony grow so fast. To know of a loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and their plan for us and that they speak to all nations. To have the Book of Mormon brought to us by God thru a Prophet Joseph Smith and to Restore Christ's church back to the earth is amazing and you can know to, please accept my Invitation to read the book. I am a Mormon cause it touches my life daily in a working manner, it makes sense in a world of not much sense, it brings peace to my heart knowing the Christlike way is the way and he follows his ways thru out time to deliver it to us and thru prayer and his spirit we can know for ourselves. He is the good part of every story and it is possible and He Loves you! The situations in life can be bad, no doubt for anyone, but you are a child of God. and that is why I am a Mormon, a Latter-Day Saint.

How I live my faith

The beauty of Faith is Service and the opportunity of Service. Within my Faith i get to work in Scouting . a game with a purpose. Was able to go to Wood Badge a Leadership training for Scouts and some great life skills. Went thru scouting as a boy but now see more of the purpose, farming and my Dad taught me what scouting teaches boys that might not get that chance. Love participating with my boy now. I'm also a local missionary leader and work with the Full time missionaries. I served 2 years in upstate New York and it's great being around them and feeling the enthusiasm they have for the work. To see the gospel touch peoples lives and mine as well. To know and then to see He loves us all very much, we all make mistakes it's a part of life. Being able to serve other members of our ward(local branch) as a home teacher and just fellow member. I believe this is how the world should be looking out for each other it is amazing as My family is served as well. Our family has had some leaner years financially but in a community of Saints you would not know it almost to the day of need items of need would almost just show up. To the prayers of children, i remember our home teachers showing up a day before a most critical time and mentioning the kids were praying as well and the tides shifted the very next day. It times like that that remind me we live by Faith and opens my eyes and heart to see more thru others and God's eyes than mine own most times. i look for the possibilities that God provides and although i fail many times i still see the possibility mostly when in the service of others and when served by them as well. I am grateful for the amazing talent that i get to enjoy each day be it the home i live in to the car i drive and the wonderful food i eat, to the beautiful music that touches my heart and the sights i see whether God or man put them together and that of the people i meet each day whether for the first time or known them for years .

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Blessings from reading all scriptures is being able to to get perspective of the gospel from many different prophets and their communications with God. To have the spirit testify to you of Christ and of the truth. To see the results of choices made of a people that we may learn from their mistakes and their good choices. Do you not read instruction books to put things together why would you not on life. the gospel is directions to lead us back to God. Plus to have the words of Christ on our minds and to help us with inspiration in our own lives. The scriptures help bring peace and inspiration into my Life. Show more Show less