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Hi I'm Ty

I grew up in Canada. I have a beautiful wife and a new son. I am going to school to be a genetic counsellor, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised outside a small town in a very fun family with very good principles. I am one of 4 children, and we all have a lot of fun together filming little movies on the spot, going boating, or whatever. I am married now so I am looking forward to having just as much fun with my wife and kids! We had our first baby boy in January so my wife and I are learning to be parents together. Our chubby baby brings us so much joy with his little upbeat personality and laughs, but can also be a big handful! I don't know how we're going to do it with any more kids, but we're going to try it! We like laughing and talking together, or just doing simple things (like watching movies, or going geocaching!) I am finished my bachelor's degree in biology, and am now back in Canada where I grew up, getting ready for more school!

Why I am a Mormon

I continue to be a Mormon because there is nothing else I have found in the world that teaches such pure principles, and that helps me want to become a good, upstanding person. I know that Heavenly Father blesses us more than we deserve as we do our very best to follow his counsel. The plan of salvation (including before, during, and after this life) is so pure, and simple. It just makes sense. We lived with God, the literal Father of our Spirits, before we came here to Earth. He provided us this Earth to enjoy, to gain a body like his, to experience the joys and pains of life, and to learn so we can become like him. After we die we will continue to learn, and eventually we will be resurrected, judged, and continue to be with the family we came to love on Earth. As we allow Jesus Christ to help us improve, we will never cease to progress with our families to learn bigger and better things. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be the best we can be. In short, I am a member of this church because I know that it is the Church that Jesus Christ himself restored it to the Earth through modern day prophets. I know it is true!

How I live my faith

I try to make my religion my way of life. Having grown up in a home with principles we learn from the Book of Mormon, Bible, and from modern day prophets and apostles, it helps me constantly consider how I can be better. It brings good results! I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me - and if I listen it will be the best thing for me. It makes me feel good knowing I am progressing towards bigger and better things. I also know that Jesus Christ makes it possible for me to continue to improve and overcome my mistakes and weaknesses. The best calling I have is to be a husband and father. Family really is one of the things Heavenly Father has provided for us so that we can experience joy together. The most important thing I can do is to take care of my family and promote love in my home. I also have responsibilities in church. Every man in the ward is assigned with a partner to visit specific families in their homes. We share a short spiritual message and make sure their needs are met (much like missionary work within the church). The women have a similar program, so it makes for a lot of interaction! I really love the organization in the church, but more importantly, the true principles about our eternal lives and the commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ that really make life meaningful.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Tithing is a simple test of faith that Heavenly Father gives us, but I believe the spiritual and temporal blessings are always of more value than the amount we pay. With my wife and I being in school, we live day to day with not much savings left in the bank, but we both work, and we do our best to budget. Our experience has been that as we faithfully donate 10% of all our income to tithing, then money or other miracles will come from unexpected places when we need it the most. We have many examples of blessings that I do believe are direct results of paying tithing (very random scholarships and grant notifications in the mail, a job offer I really wanted that was posted minutes before I had a prompting to check the job listing website one midnight, a surprise decline from our elderly landlady to allow us to pay rent, etc.) As we give to Heavenly Father, He always gives back more than we deserve, in ways that we will always be in debt to him. I believe these are all experiences of the promise that when we pay tithing "the Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there will not be room enough to receive them (Malachi 3:10). Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Families can be together forever through the sealing power in the temples that seals spouses together, and children to parents! Even people who have died without this sealing will have the same opportunity as we research their names and do it as proxy for them. Sealing for the dead is similar to the principle of baptism for the dead like Paul mentioned in the Bible when he was teaching about the resurrection (1 Cor. 15:29). It is fun to learn about our ancestors because they are a part of who we are genetically, and because part of their personality continues on in us. Show more Show less