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Hi I'm Dylan

I grew up in Orem, Utah. I am a returned missionary from the Brazil Fortlaleza-East Mission, I'm a student at BYU. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born with a full head of hair. Only 3 weeks in and I was bald again. By age 2, I was a self-absorbed, self-centered model for Sundance magazine, who lived entirely for himself. 2 years later, T-ball all-star. At the tender age of 5, I was drafted by the Orem City Dodgers, fast-pitch. My Dad was the coach. As a 5th grader I beat Mr. Hudson, teacher at Orem Elementary School, in a game of basketball, one-on-one. In 2006, my 6th grade friends and I had a basketball team that lost to the 5th graders, I was demoralized. Bounced back stronger than ever winning the Hope of America, 6th grade. Attended Lakeridge Jr. High School looking like Justin Bieber with blonde highlights. Ate ghost peppers during lunch in 8th grade, had to be checked out after. Played 2 minutes of Varsity basketball as a freshman guarding Utah Gatorade player of the year Kyle Collinsworth. He went scoreless. In High School I played baseball, basketball, and 2 years of football, with 7 Varsity Letters. Never won a state championship. Nearly every lunch of senior year my group of friends and I played ping-pong, they unanimously agree that I am the best. Opening my mission call was one of the happiest days of my life. My heart is still in Brazil, and I miss so many loved ones there. I've yet to meet someone who loved their mission more than I loved mine. After coming home, I wore my suit for a week. I've had a few jobs to get me through college, and am a Student at BYU studying Finance. I love it!

Why I am a Mormon

Raised in Utah, I was quite familiar with the commandments. I obeyed them blindly because I loved my parents, and they told me to do so. However, when I became of age, I questioned why. The commandments seemed burdensome, and I wasn't able to perceive the blessings I was promised. I didn't want to live with these rules for nothing. I heard from many in the church that I needed to find out for myself. If God existed. If He loved me, and if He was my Father. If God legitimately existed, He would know what commandments to give us so we could be successful and safe. And if God loved me, and was my Father, I could trust him and have faith to obey his commandments. I decided to follow the directive in the Book of Mormon. I started reading it daily. I started obeying the commandments, and started going to church with a desire to witness God's presence, not just following my parents blindly. I began to change and repent of my sins. I started to feel the Power of Jesus Christ, and it enabled me. I was happier than before. The Book of Mormon began to be a conduit for me to feel the spirit. I became so sure, that if I prayed and read that book, I would feel the presence of God. On one particular night, as I read, I was captured by the power of the spirit. My whole being began to fill with warmth and comfort. I layed musing in my bed on how powerful this celestial feeling was. 10:00pm soon turned to 3:00pm and I was still reflecting on this feeling. At that moment, I decided to inquire of God, if He was really there, if He loved me, and if He was my father. I turned on my bedside lamp, knelt near my bed, and formulated these questions in my heart. I felt ready to ask. I said aloud, "Dear Father in Heaven, I would like to know", then I paused for a moment, nervous to ask, "are you really there?" And before I could think another thought, like a dam bursting, the Spirit of God rushed over me. Absolutely indescribable were the feelings I felt that night. I know God lives!

How I live my faith

I wish I was less prideful, and kinder to others. I wish I was more patient, and compassionate. I wish I possessed greater diligence and unflinching faith. If only I were more honest, and less judgmental. I can be insincere and disrespectful. I've lost my temper, and said things I regretted. I am apt to lose sight of what is really important in life. The reason I live my faith, is that I'm tremendously imperfect. One of my favorite scripture is Ether 12:27 in the Book of Mormon, "I will make weak things become strong". I, being flawed, am weak. Everyday that I try to live by faith, I become stronger and stronger. And I am able to discern that the strength I receive is from Jesus Christ. He makes a weak thing like me strong. I have seen major improvements in my life because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I've learned that I am not more important than anyone else, and that we are all created equal. In fact, compared to the greatness of Jesus Christ, I am pretty insignificant. I've learned that we are all from the family of God. Making you either my brother or sister. I know now that everyone struggles, and is wounded in some way or another. We don't need to carry that pain. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be relieved of it. I've learned that we can truly be healed. I am learning so much, and I still have so much to learn, but I'm a better man because of these lessons. I know it's a process, and I'm ok with that. Everyday that I search for the strength I find it. I receive strength from God by going to Church and partaking of the sacrament each Sunday. I receive it from reading the scriptures and praying unto my Father in Heaven. From obeying his commandments, and following the instructions of his Prophet on the earth today. By avoiding that which is vulgar and crude, and by searching that which is virtuous and chaste. Little by little I am getting stronger and becoming the person I know I can become.