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Hi I'm Michael Austin

I grew up in VA, eldest son of 2 converts, love music, served a full time mission, Spanish-speaking, in the CA Arcadia Mission!

About Me

My name is Michael, I served a 2 year mission for the church in the East LA area, Spanish-speaking, I now consider myself fluent in both English, Spanish, and the ever popular Spanglish. I grew up in a historic town in VA. I have a great love for music, stories, literature, law, humanitarian work, art, learning, hiking/camping/fishing (became an Eagle Scout at 17), and basketball. I attended BYUI on campus for three semesters, transferred to SVU where I am currently studying English Pre-Law, and Spanish. It is here where I met my wonderful wife, she is the best part of my life. I currently work as a landlord for students at SVU, and as an after-school elementary teacher. If you have any questions about me, my experiences, or my testimony I would be happy to share them with you (personal or otherwise), contact me through Facebook and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able. Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts of us LDS member's hearts.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know that the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, restored the doctrines, ordinances, and authorities pertaining to family of God to the earth, both in the time of the Old Testament, The New Testament, The Book of Mormon, and now today, in the Latter-Days, through the prophet Joseph Smith, just as he did in days of old. I know these things independent of any other person. That's how I wanted it, and requested it of the Lord, that way it could never be taken away from me by man. It is a testimony that has been tried and tested, put through the crucible again and again, and will continue to be so, but each time it has, and that I have held on all the more tighter I have come out more convinced, more strong than ever before. This Gospel is the one gospel, and the one thing that will bring men lasting true happiness in this life and the life to come, it has served so in my life. It has, and continues to do so, allowed me to seek the fulfillment of my dreams, it has given me what i've needed when i've needed it, every time without fail. It makes me happy, not sometimes, not superficially, but all the time, deep down, even when I am upset or angered by something deep down there is that light, that I know I can be happy, because I know God lives, that we are his children, and thereby all brothers and sisters, I know that he loves us, and has provided a way (and continues to actively do so) that his entire family might be brought back together if they are willing. This I know because of this gospel, this doctrine, this church. Not the members, not the culture, and not the opinions and traditions, but by the foundations, that God lives, he loves us, and we are his children, and all brothers and sisters, everything else simply follows.

How I live my faith

My greatest desire in life is that; my fellow man knows God is their Father, that we are all his children, and that we are all brothers and sisters. I want them to feel this by my interactions with them, I want them to know I love them, and constantly try to grow in my capacity to see them as such, to grow in my capacity of understanding that we are not a bunch of separate families who happen to worship the same God, but that we are one family, His family, a family He desperately wants to bring back together, not cast apart. I have often told others preparing to serve missions; love the people first, then you will begin to love God, because they are his children, and when you begin to love Him you will then search His word to better understand Him, so you can better serve His children, then your love for them will grow, and thus the cycle continues. I seek to live my faith by my interactions with my fellow man, as a testimony of my aforementioned knowledge, I pray daily for guidance and thanks in regards to this subject, I read the scriptures to better increase my capacity to emulate those who have best emulated our Heavenly Father in showing love to His children, and I keep a daily journal to remember and keep track of my goal to be a better brother, son, husband, and future father. When these things are your focus, the commandments and ordinances of the gospel naturally follow, as Christ said "Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself." mortality is not a solo experience, it's a family experience, it always has been, a experience for the family of God, which we are.