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Hi I'm Chris Toph Fawson!

My nickname is Topher, I'm an adrenaline junky, I'm sarcastic, I'm just one guy and i'm having a good time, and i'm a MORMON!

About Me

My full name is Christopher Aaron Fawson, but some call me Toph. I was born in the hood of Phoenix Arizona and lived there until i was 13 and then i moved to Logan Utah. I'm an all around fun loving kind of guy, i LOVE being sarcastic and laughter is the greatest gift in the world. I totally believe in the phrase "turn that frown upside down!" all it takes is a good laugh! I absolutely love talking and connecting with new people, which is perfect because i'm serving in Edmonton Canada right now! its the most amazing adventure i've ever had in my life, MISSIONS ARE SO FUN!! Music has always been my life, i was in a band my sophmore year and i was the drummer. i've always just loved beats, with 2 spoons on the table, drums, my mouth (i have mad beat boxing skills) anything that i could make a beat with, i did. Music has just always been something that lifts me up. I love how you can just listen to a good song and it completely changes your attitude its so cool!! I LOVE boating. lake powell is the best place on earth. one day i'll live there in a house boat. probably when i'm retired. I LOVE mountain biking, dirt biking, and harley riding. basically i love anything with an engine. I love skatebording, i did that ALL the time in phoenix when i was a little kid, but i'm not pro at all.. i am pro though at roller blading!! i worked at sonic and me and my buddys would roller blade all the time!! that and ski blading are the funnest things in the WORLD!! I just love the life i live!!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up mormon. but thats not the reason i am. i am a mormon because the influences in my life from my friends and family, and because i believe and have had things happen to me which make me 100% sure that there is something else in this world. i'm also a mormon because this gospel brings so much happiness to my life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being the best person i can be. and always trying to be a better person than i was yesterday. i read my scriptures and absorb as much knowledge as i possibly can. its crazy how the scriptures and book of mormon can help me solve ANYTHING that i'm having problems with. i pray every morning and night and i believe that if you pray with a sincere heart and you honestly want your question answered there is no way you wont get an answer.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Chris Toph Fawson!
Family is the most important aspect of life. personally, family is so important to me because, i mean come on, i wouldn't be here on earth/be who i am right now without my family. families build you up your whole life, and they are ALWAYS there if you need to turn to someone. My love and appreciation for my family have grown about 1000 times bigger because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I absolutely LOVE my family and everything they did to get me where i'm at today, and i'm excited to become older and have a family of my own. Families can be together forever!! Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Chris Toph Fawson!
No. Show more Show less