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Hi I'm Mason

I love music, computers are my passion, I want to be a teacher, I enjoy going stargazing, I make videos for fun, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm was a student at Southern Utah University, but I'm currently taking two years off to serve a mission for the LDS church in Roseville, California. I'm studying to become a History/Computers teacher for high school, and probably astronomy as well. I enjoy working/playing with computers, video games, Ultimate Frisbee, bowling, reading, gazing into the heavens and contemplating the infinite wonders of God's great creation, the universe, and watching and making movies with my friends. They're only short little commercials, music videos, or parodies of games or shows, but I find it very enjoyable.

Why I am a Mormon

For a long time I was only a member because my parents wanted it, or because I had a lot of friends who were. As I grew older, though, I began to brush off many of the things about the church and just go my own way. I began to notice that the less I followed what I had been raised with, the more things weren't going quite right in my life. There weren't any major problems in my life, but there were many things that didn't go the way I planned and I couldn't figure out why. I started to follow those teachings I had been raised with, more in my life and I realized how exercising a little faith can have big results. The more I followed the teachings of the Savior, the better my life was and the happier I felt. One summer when I was 18, I went with my sister to the week long Especially for Youth program. While there, I was part of the choir group that they organized for it and as I was on the stage singing the program, the Holy Ghost testified to my so strongly that what I was singing was true, I could barely sing I was so choked up. That evening we held a testimony meeting and as everyone was sharing their testimony about all the things that they believed were true, the Holy Ghost testified to me so strongly that I just knew, without a doubt that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book of scripture, that Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God, and that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. This I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

The biggest way that I'm living my faith right now is by serving a mission. There is no bigger expression of faith in Jesus Christ than to give two years of your life to him, living without personal comforts. I've lived it by being a leader to my peers, organizing our activities, and participating in events that my church leaders ask me to. I do my best to serve others, to be kind to all I meet, and to be a positive influence on the world. I want to be a good example to all I meet and leave people feeling happier than they were when I first met them. I want to be that person that everyone is glad they know, that everyone wants to be around because they feel so good when they're around me.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Everything we have came from our Heavenly Father. He created this world an everything on it, including us. When we give 10% back to his church to further His work, we are giving him thanks for what he's done for us. Show more Show less

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon differs from the Bible in that it is written by a different group of people. This group of people lived on the American continent before, during, and after the ministry of Christ in Israel, and they are the distant ancestors of the native peoples of North and South America. In all other respects, however, it is the same. It was written by prophets, it contains their spiritual writings, as directed by God through the Holy Ghost, their prophecies, and accounts of the doings of the people. Most importantly, it contains a record of the visit of the resurrected Jesus Christ to the people of the Americas. The book concludes with the testimony of the final prophet to write in the book, named Moroni, and him telling how he's going to bury the records to preserve them. Joseph Smith found the record after being visited by a heavenly messenger, the last prophet of the Book of Mormon, Moroni, who appeared and told Joseph of the record and where it could be found. In September 1827, Joseph recovered the plates and, through the power and will of God, he, a man who didn't even have the equivalent of a high school education, translated them into the English language. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

We believe that the family is ordained of God and is the most important social unit. We believe that our families can be together forever, as long as we keep the commandments of God and follow the example of Jesus Christ. If we do everything we can to raise our children to follow Christ, and do all we can to live as he would, we can be together, and be happy, forever. Show more Show less