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Hi I'm Janelle

I'm an Oregonian. I'm a grad student. I'm the Sagebrush Family Olympics 2012 synchronized swimming silver medalist. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I'm a southern Oregonian. I love traveling inside and outside of the United States, speak Portuguese and wish I could speak Spanish. As a kid, I spent my summers driving around the United States and Canada in an '85, navy blue, diesel suburban, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, sightseeing, and making wrong turns with my mom and dad, sister, and two brothers.Through the years, I've traveled as far north as Alaska, as far south as Sao Paulo, as far west as Prague, and as far east as Hawaii. A favorite trip took me to Peru, including Machu Picchu. I like to try new things and meeting new people. I love sports of any kind; my favorites are backyard football and driveway basketball. I was the hero in the championship game of an eighth grade weekend tournament. I competed in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles in high school. I am in my first year of grad school, studying to be a speech language pathologist. I want to help people recover their language abilities lost as a result of brain injuries and strokes.I have a passion for words, people, progress, human physiology, science, and languages. Pheasant hunting with my dad is a favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition. Status in my family is measured by the amount of money the clerk at the grocery store told you that you have saved from buying sale and coupon items. My dream is to live on a street with my parents and three siblings as my neighbors. I've broken the radius in both of my arms. I prefer a stick shift to an automatic.

Why I am a Mormon

Everyone reaches a point in their life when questions begin to emerge, and doubts enter. As a child, I was no exception. I was a curious kid, and though I expressed some of my questions, I often pondered the deeper questions of life to myself. I was puzzled by the why behind the creation of the world. From my Latter Day Saint teaching, recieved since the cradle, I knew that my Heavenly Father loved me, that the earth was created under his direction so that we could come here, gain the experience of having a body, learn through an array of challenges and successes, repent, be redeemed of sin through Christ's sacrifice for our errors, die, all so that we would have the opportunity to return to live with God again, if we made essential covenants with him, such as baptism, and did our very best to be a good person. What I didn't understand was the why. Why would God go to the effort? What was in it for him? I was always happy going to church with my family, I enjoyed the things I learned and feelings I felt in church, when discussing the gospel with family members, and participating in activities sponsored by the church. I accepted responsibilities and did my duties, but there were always things that I did not quite understand, though I felt that they were right. It was a long process that brought me to the answers of the above mentioned and other questions. It is a process that continues today. During my mission, I came to understand that our Heavenly Father's "work and glory is to bring about the eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39). As I felt the joy that I recieved from helping others reach thier full potential, I understood that His joy must be multiplied tenfold. Mormon doctrine teaches us that we can not only return to live with God, but that we have the potential to be like Him. That is what is in it for Him. As a parent is elated with the victories of a beloved child, how much more is God, a perfect father, overwhelmed with happiness in our triumphs?

How I live my faith

I recently returned from an 18 month mission to Sao Paulo. I served with and among amazing individuals and grew to love Brasilian people, culture, and food. As a missionary, I was priveledged to spend all day every day talking with people, trying to understand their lives and difficulties, and ultimately, helping them understand how the atonement of Jesus Christ applies in their particular situation. As I invested myself to the spiritual progress of God's children, I developed a greater understanding of how He loves, understands, and yearns for the progress of every individual. I am currently participating a a group designed to help people cope from the difficulties that are associated with brain injuries.