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Hi I'm Sean

I'm a daddy, a computer geek, a ballroom dance instructor and you guessed it, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a daddy of two little "man-cubs" and hope to have a "daddy's little girl" someday. I'm married to the love of my life. I manage a team of software engineers at an up-and-coming software company. Although I very much enjoy the problem solving that comes with working with computers and other "geeks" like me, my opportunity to teach ballroom dance provides me with a creative outlet that keeps me energized. (I wish I could say it kept more of the pounds off those love handles!) I was born into an LDS family which has been a real blessing. Contrary to what some may call the "typical Mormon family", my parents divorced when I was in my teens. I love both my parents and have been blessed with unique family experiences that I will always treasure. I try to do and be everything a "good Mormon" should but I feel I'm only just starting to learn what real discipleship means. I am grateful to have a life that is so full of blessings. At the same time, I feel a great responsibility to "pay it forward" as it were.

Why I am a Mormon

One reason I am a Mormon is because I grew up as one. However, if that were the only reason, I wouldn't be a very good Mormon. I wish I could say there was one specific instance where "lightning struck" or something miraculous happened where I just knew that the gospel doctrines taught in this church were more correct and more complete than those taught elsewhere. I've found over the years that Christ uses His Spirit to reach us in much more subtle ways, and my testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is no exception. I've had countless experiences that are often brief, yet profoundly personal where I just knew - both in my mind and in my heart - that Jesus Christ is my Savior. As I listen to the teachings of our prophets and apostles, my testimony of Christ grows. Christ taught the people in Jerusalem that "by their fruits ye shall know them" and that is really the biggest reason I am here. I have seen sweeter and more complete "fruit" here than I have seen anywhere else. Are Mormons perfect? Far from! Are we all doing the best we can and are we excited to invite anyone and everyone to join the ride? Yes we are. It brings me great peace to know that I have a Father in Heaven who knows me deeply and who loves me infinitely. I am humbled by the knowledge that His son, Jesus Christ, was willing to die for me and the rest of humankind. I will forever be in His debt and one way I show my gratitude for His Atonement is to try my best to keep His commandments. I know Christ leads His church today as He did in ancient times, through living prophets and direct revelation. How wonderful it is to have a living prophet among us today to help lead and guide us through life on earth much like Moses led the children of Israel through the desert! I know the gospel of Christ, in conjunction with living prophets and restored priesthood authority, has blessed me and my family countless times. I believe I would be quite lost and empty without it.

How I live my faith

I served one of those LDS "missions" - two years of full-time service in Budapest, Hungary when I was 19. It was one of the hardest things I'd ever done but the blessings I received far outweighed any sacrifices I or my family made. I learned so much about myself and learned what it means to love an entire people and culture. The language was CRAZY, but I LOVED it! I wish there were more Hungarians living in Utah so I could keep practicing the language. I currently serve in my "ward" (or congregation) in a secretary capacity. Even in a non-student town, the turn-over is quite high and we feel it is so important to make sure every family in the neighborhood (Mormon or not) feels taken care of and a part of the community. For those who are LDS, I help make sure every family is contacted at least once per month (we call it "home teaching") and that their physical and spiritual needs are being met. Some of the areas we frequently assist each other with are helping to find employment for those without jobs, helping families move in/out of the neighborhood, and often just making sure everyone has a good friend they can turn to when something big or small comes up. I try to live what I believe (and fall short more often than I care to admit). I make no claims of scriptural scholarship but I try to spend time daily reading, listening to, and/or studying the scriptures (both the Bible as well as more recently revealed scripture like the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price). Although the stories are often what we remember the most, I try to look for the "moral of the story", the doctrines, principles and lessons that are often hidden between the lines. As I identify those little packets of truth, I try to apply them to my own circumstances and live by them.