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Hi I'm Gail Ballard

I am a consummate lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a mother of five and grandmother of seventeen. I love life!

About Me

I was born in Yakima, Washington, but at the age of three my father joined the Navy and our family began a long series of moves all over the United States. It was an unsettled but very rich childhood that taught me that we're all a part of a big human family and we are more alike than we are different. My mother converted to the LDS faith when I was just a baby but my father didn't become a member until I was twelve. My parents were good people with a great work ethic and strong moral values. I moved to Utah over forty years ago to attend college and subsequently married, and raised five wonderful children. I'm now the grandmother of seventeen beautiful grandchildren. I obtained a BA years ago and then returned to college after my children were all in school and earned an MA in English. I was blessed to teach my three youngest sons at a private school in our area. It was such a wonderful experience. I was recently divorced from my husband of 37 years. It was a painful process but I have learned so much about myself and have gained a greater love for the Savior and my Father in Heaven as I've relied heavily on scriptures and prayers. None of us escape the challenges of life but with a firm testimony in our divinity as sons and daughters of God, we can grow richer in character and in our ability to love one another. I'm still a diamond in the rough but in the hands of the Master I can become something so much greater.

Why I am a Mormon

Every human being has to find the center of his/her personal belief and I have found that the Latter-day Saint doctrines and teachings speak to my soul. They have given me a greater understanding of who I am, where I lived before this mortal life, why I'm going through this human experience, and what will become of me when I die. Several years ago, I watched my mother go through the final stages of her earthly life. On the day she passed away, I looked at her frail and withered body and thought, "This can't be the end of my mother." She had always been a vibrant, intelligent, capable woman but on that day, I felt a sudden cold fear as I questioned whether my mother had simply disappeared into a dark void. However, as I drove away from the nursing home, I felt a renewed conviction that what made my mother who she was could never die. I knew then and know now that the resurrection wrought by Jesus Christ is a reality and that this life is merely a school for learning how to create divine character. I know that Christ showed the path and provided the key to immortality. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the LDS faith are so simple and clear. We are eternal beings, sons and daughters of God. Some might say, "Prove it" but how can something infinite be proven by the finite? We can't measure faith with a ruler. We simply can't quantify belief or x-ray testimony. There are truths that can't be relegated to a test tube. I believe that within the human soul is the infinite matter that speaks the reality of God. If we listen to the whispering of our spiritual DNA, it will resonate eternal truth. That spiritual DNA is more powerful in producing personal conviction than any scientific treatise or laboratory experiment. I have felt its faith producing power in my life and it is the reason why I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I love the words of St. Francis and try to begin everyday with the thought, "Lord make me an instrument of thy peace." I love people no matter what religious, social, ethnic,or economic background. There is something good in everyone. So many of us are struggling with monumental difficulties. We need one another. Even the simple smile and friendly response of a stranger standing in a checkout line, can make a difference. I will undoubtedly never achieve great notoriety in this life. My name won't be in lights or listed in Who's Who, but I can be a positive influence in my circle by looking for small acts of service. I believe the greatest gift God has given us is our capacity to love as He loves. If we fail to use that gift, our life will have little meaning or purpose. I study philosophy and history and in doing so, I've come to know that underneath the layers and layers of human experience and thought, is the very essential truth that we are connected. My religious conviction tells me that we're brothers and sisters, born of a common eternal Father. He loves us infinitely and as we turn to Him, we can gain personal strength and perspective. I live each day in the hope that I can project that fundamental belief. I am currently working on a novel based loosely on personal experiences. The essence of it's message is that the greater community of religious believers needs to join together in its effort to elevate mankind. It has been the sad reflection of human history that we fight against one another rather than work unitedly to lift humanity. I am not better than the impoverished mother in Pakistan or the faithful follower of Mohammed in Indonesia. I am undoubtedly more blessed which requires greater charity, service, compassion and understanding on my part. There are times when I wish I had more to give but as Mother Theresa always tried to teach, we can do small acts with great love.