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Hi I'm Elder Jacob Haskins Jr

I'm 21 and the oldest of four I'm a lover of art, 19th Century Poetry, and Literature. I'm formerly Home Schooled and I'm a Mormon

About Me

all my life I've had a hard time reading and when I was about seven years old I was told that I have Dyslexia and because it's such a stuggle their where times I just wanted to give up on the idae of ever reading. But my Mom kept telling me to pray, pray to haevenly Father She said and He'll help you to read I told her I have every night and nothings different He doesn't care I said She quickly corrected me, He does care He loves you just keep praying I did so and after a few years of praying and reading my Scriptures I came to realize My prayer was being answered my reading was inproving the problem was I didn't practice anywhere near the patience and faith I needed to at that time I had to learn how to be patient and trust in Him,and I've actually been blessed by my disability it's easier for me then must to remeber things like storys I've heard and things I've seen and done growing up and this is how God as blessed me with My Disability.

Why I am a Mormon

I bear my testimony That God Lives and that Jesus is the Christ the holy Messiah the Saviour of the world and that all things where made by Him and without Him nothing was made I Testify to you that it is by the Goodness and Grace of our Lord God that He sent His Son to Atone for Our sins. I tell you that I have felt Their Love for me in my Times of Hardship and despair, They have Saved me so many times form my own Fear and pride they have shown me Love when I felt that I Deserved none from Them and as I know that there is a God, I know that this Church is True, and I know that The Book of Mormon is a true and faithful Witness of the Divinity of God the Eternal Father and of His Son Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost. and I know that Joesph Smith was a True Prophet of God and gave His life to fullfill His Calling as many before have Done. and I leave this with you in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

It's not easy but It's worth it I pray every day for strength and guidance I'm a Priesthood holder so its very important to me and the Lord that I do the Right thing I am currently serving as the first counselor in my Ward's Sunday School Presidency which means I help make sure that the Library is in order and that the sunday School Classes have teachers normally there's two Sunday School Class in each Ward or Branch one for adults and one youth ages 12-18 It's a fair amount of responsibility but it can be fun to and thats where the Lord called me so that's what I'll do. I also plan to serve as a Missionary it is after all the least I can do for the God that gave me life and His Son Jesus Christ who marked the way and made the path for us to come Home. That was four years ago since then I've moved a couple of times I don't teach Sunday school anymore I've had different callings most recently I was Called to serve in the billings Montana Mission. as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints, I will be Serving for two years two years of complete devotion to the Lord the more I think about it the more nervous I become. and then I think of the people I'll meet and all the ways I can help and serve them, well it just seem like the right thing to do and on top of that this Missionary "work'' feels more like Missionary Fun! what better way to spend two years? or heck even your life then to live for God and to work for the welfare of Humankind! and to Testify to your brothers and sisters that you LOVE Them and so much more importantly that our Father, our God LOVES us and wants to come home so much so that He sent His son Jesus Christ to mark the path home! and I leave this with you In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen. If you would like to ask me about my faith you can chat with me on Facebook and I'll do the best I can to help you. :-)