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Hi I'm Jim

I am a retired United States Air Force Colonel.

About Me

I was born and raised largely in California, near and about the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles - with the exception of a few youthful years when my family flirted with real winters, in Michigan and Minnesota. At seventeen, I enlisted in the United States Navy, serving at various Naval Air Stations and enjoying several short tours aboard the USS Enterprise and Lexington aircraft carriers. Thirty-five eventful and exciting years later (years that included graduation from Utah State University and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School), I retired from the United States Air Force and now work from home. I am 37 magical years married to most wonderful woman in the world, blessed with 13 children and 32 grandchildren. My life is filled with new challenges, many friends, and (occasionally) the thunder of little feet running through the house or backyard.

Why I am a Mormon

One of the most important experiences of my life occurred while I was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Millington, Tennessee. It had a profound effect on the remainder of my life. One of the things I enjoyed was taking a bus to the Christian Lodge for Servicemen located out in the country surrounding Memphis. There was boating, fishing, pool, food, reading, and good company. On Saturday evenings, one of the women who ran the lodge, called "Mom", would preach about the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as the center of your life. At the end of her sermon she challenged everyone who was willing to completely commit themselves to Jesus Christ, to give their lives to him, to stand up. I felt a great darkness fall upon me, a great pressure on my shoulders holding me down. Every conceivable feeling and thought which might preclude me standing up came to mind. From within me, came a surge of will of utterly remarkable proportions, and I stood. The darkness was gone and a light as real as had been the darkness surrounded me. I was filled with joy and peace unlike any I had ever felt. I felt the love of my Savior in a manner previously beyond my understanding. I spent the remainder of the evening filled with this manifestation of joy and peace. I reflected on what authority I had as a holder of the Aaronic Priesthood. A corridor was opened to my view and down each side I saw representations of the authority and power of the Aaronic Priesthood. I was amazed and thought, what must be the extent and magnitude of the Melchizedek Priesthood? Immediately, a second corridor was opened to my view, similar the first, but without end in length and grander in its representation of authority and power. Although a member of the church all my life, that night my life changed in direction. I experienced my Savior's love and received a sure witness of the Priesthood. I was born again: a spiritual man seeking fulfill God's will, notwithstanding my many weaknesses.

How I live my faith

My faith in Christ and his church are the center of my life, the foundation of my marriage and family, the ever present focus in my military service, the source of all joy in my life, and the basis of my hope and firm belief that life, my marriage, my family, service, and joy will all accompany me in my eternal journey beyond the grave. My faith gives eternal meaning to the otherwise mundane that occupies much of my mortal life. My faith lends a shining, brilliant, and eternal polish to the love I feel for my wife, my eternal companion. It gives me hope that my children and I will forever rejoice together as we serve the Savior of all, in the worlds and eternities yet to come. I best practice my faith when I make it and integral part of all that I must do; when I gratefully incorporate it into all that I choose to do; and when it inspires me to do the good can. My military service of 35 years was an expression of my faith. Not a day passed that I was not aware of the prayers of the men and women I served. Not an hour without a sense of His presence supporting and lifting me up to be more than I could ever be without Him. Inspired by his Spirit, I asked a beautiful young woman I had just recently met to be my eternal companion, my wife. Inspired by that same Spirit, she responded, "Yes" - without even knowing my name. Thirty-seven years later, I awake each morning - amazed that she is mine, and I hers. Our 13 children are now all grown. Our time raising them was amazing, terrifying, wonderful, and sacred. Only family prayer, family scripture study, family fun, and family work and constant care of our Savior made it possible. Our "golden" years, they say, lie ahead. That hardly seems possible given the diamond years that lie behind. My companion and I walk hand-in-hand. He walks beside us. Whatever comes, we are His. He is ours.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Interesting question with many facets! I have come to know my Heavenly Father intellectually by reading and pondering the scriptures, especially those that deal with the life and teachings of His Son. I already know my Heavenly Father spiritually. I have found that I can encourage the feelings that witness of that association by praying regularly, living the best I know how, and participating in gospel ordinances. I have come to know Him experientially by seeking with all my heart to love others as He loves me. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

In my life, having the priesthood has been a chance for me to provide service to my family, and for my family to be greatly blessed by their Savior. I have had the privilege (countless times) to lay my hands on the head of my wife or children and feel the inspiration of the Spirit sufficient to be an instrument in the Lord's had to bless them. Sometimes, they have been healed of physical illnesses. Even more often, they have received instruction and direction from the Lord beyond my abilities to provide. Show more Show less