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Hi I'm Charles

I grew up in Florida, now I reside in Utah. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

About Me

I'm weird many of my hobbies do not 'mesh' together. I love working in the Theater Department, in where I do not act or anything of the nature. I am the guy running the Lights and Sound, we call ourselves "Techies." Just about my only other hobby that coincides is that I love to program, mainly Android devices, but I started out in Binary just like most programmers do. Those two hobbies seem to come together quite nice, now my other hobbies are mostly academics with the occasional flexibility. I'm addicted to studying, I absolutely love almost all subjects. Science and Math are by far my favorites. With History and Government following in close second. That occasional flexibility can include just about anything from woodworking, to sewing. We all have our weird moods and mine range in everything. If you hadn't figured yet I don't like to be still. That is pretty much me except for the fact that I have a job. I do enjoy my job though its nothing fancy, nevertheless I enjoy working.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the household of two great parents that are LDS(Mormon). Although we never were active in the church until they moved the family to Utah. Being 12 at the time I was furious, especially to know that I was leaving my whole life behind to move all the way across the country. My family was excited to become active again, and I tagged along to make them happy, but never wanted to be there. From the ages 12 to about 17 I would rather have been home on Sundays playing video games and watching T.V. Why am I LDS? I never considered myself LDS until I had an experience within a Church program. During the summer time around 17 years of age I would have had the opportunity to travel all around Europe. At the same time our Stake hosted a Trek program, this occurs every four years and represents part of the journey of the Pioneers. I was set on going to Europe of course, but my Bishop had other plans for me. He pressed and pressed more with my answer still going to Europe, instead of spending my time in Wyoming. As soon as everyone around me knew that I wasn't going to come on this Trek, I was bombarded by friends telling me that I had to go. After about a month of fighting it I gave in and told them I was coming. Now I wasn't all that excited at all. My attitude for this trip hadn't changed until the second to the last day of the trip. On this day we had the opportunity to enter into a Sacred, my belief a hallowed ground, grove of Willows. Now in Wyoming its desolate and to find a grove of Willow trees is very unusual. This grove is where companies of pioneers waited to be rescued, and in this grove of willows their bodies lay to rest. At first I was a bit confused on why this place was so special. Entering into the grove my heart ached, for it was more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and peaceful. This grove is where I learned of my Savior and truly how merciful He is. This testimony I have all began in that grove, and this is Why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love serving, it has always brought me joy. My Heavenly Father has blessed me with a few callings in the church, those include the Ward Sports Specialist, and Ward Missionary. Being the Sports Specialist I had no idea what to do, i'm just not into sports. Willing I put my faith in the Lord and His counsel to my Bishop and went to organizing, to the best of my ability, a sports activity day. Things have turned pretty well, the calling has taught me how to take responsibility and leadership. Being a Ward Missionary and Sports Specialist was always cool because if you knew that the ward member needed fellow-shipping and liked to play sports; it wasn't to hard to invite them for a sports filled activity. These calling are a couple of the ways I live my faith.