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Hi I'm Derek Omori

I am Chinese, Japanese and Irish. I can hold my breath for 40 seconds. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have loving parents who are both converts. My mothers parents are Chinese. My father's dad is Japanese and his mother is Irish. A typical dinner at my grandparents house consists of egg rolls, fried rice, fried chicken and crispy cream donuts. You might find me on any given weekend playing lacrosse, reading a book, or relaxing with my best friend.

Why I am a Mormon

I've always known this was the right path for me. The example and teachings set forth by my parents have taught me the right way to live. A favorite quote of mine is "I never said that it would be easy, I just said it would be worth it" As I have shared the Gospel with others I have seen this sweet and simple truth come to light. We were taught the Gospel before we came to earth, when we share the gospel we are helping others remember the principles of happiness that were forgotten. As we give place for the faith and promise of the gospel we find hope, knowing we can return to the loving father in heaven we left. It is easy to forget what life is all about; who we are and what we were sent here to do. Through the Book of Mormon I have found the knowledge I lost. I know that this church is true and Christ at its head. We are led by a prophet of god, fellowshipped by a people striving in principles of love and charity. I am proud to be a part of Jesus Christ's church. These things I know separate from anyone else. A knowledge that can only be received by the Holy Ghost. My testimony of The Gospel and literal truth that Christ lives, did not come all at once. But it came drop by drop. Through the application and of true principles in my life. There is no happier way, than the way of the Mormon :)

How I live my faith

My life is not a race and I'm glad its not a hike... uphill is the WORST kind of hill. Though I've learned to be grateful for them because if life was just a great field we would have no perspective, no vantage point to see where we are. We wouldn't be able to judge how far we've come, and where we are going. Whether they be mountains or hills, adversity gives us experience and helps us appreciate the highs and lows that paint the picture of life. We know that we are stronger now than when we started. It is a unique and defining trait of Disciples of Christ that our trials define us and enable us rather than bring about our ruin. This is the hope our Savior gives me. On judgment day I wont look back and count how many mountains I climbed to get here; i will thank the savior for allowing me to become the man I was always meant to be. Because of The Atonement of Jesus Christ I know how I want to live my life. To be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today. In short I follow the sage advice of Grandpa Omori, all we have got to do in this life is "keep keeping on" :)

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Derek Omori
The more you learn about the life of our savior Jesus Christ the more our desire to follow him increases. We rely wholy upon his atonement and grace. As we comprehend the meaning of his infinite sacrifice for us; we understand that he has felt every pain, every sorrow and every injustice the world has to offer. Not only in the past but the future. This means the decisions we make each day either bring him joy, or add to the pain he suffered. Through our actions we show our love for him. You increase your faith in Jesus Christ by the way you choose to live your life. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Derek Omori
I was once asked by a man seeking to know the answer to this question. He asked "How can we know someone we have never met?" This simple question brought me to an understanding of the nature of our relationship with Heavenly Father. You can not come to know god, or love him if you don't spend time with him! This inevitably leads the hearer to ask "How do we spend time with god?" We spend time with him through prayer and reading his words given to us through prophets. Just as you build, strengthen and create relationships with family and friends. The same must be done in order for anyone to gain a relationship with our Father in Heaven. Show more Show less