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Hi I'm Arielle

I'm a proud Filipina, music enthusiast, and engineer-in-training. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student studying metallurgical engineering with a minor in nuclear engineering. I initially had no idea what form of engineering I enlisted to major in. I have since discovered metallurgy to be a highly rewarding form of study, especially when coupled with nuclear forensics. I am highly passionate about research! It is something I hope to be involved with for the future. I was recently involved with entry-level research on the improvement of nuclear waste recycling. Apart from the ever exciting world of math and science, I am passionate about music, specifically with regard to violin, piano, and voice. My parents raised me in a loving, worshipful environment. From them I learned to express prayer by way of voice and instrument. Because of my parents I was able to obtain a music education via high school and middle school, as well as some private tutoring, all of which has cultivated a desire in me to seek out what I can to the best of my capacity. I am heavily indebted to my parents for the many hours of lessons which I have been provided.

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to be a Mormon because living this Gospel brings me closer to Jesus Christ. I've found that when I am close to and give my trust to Him in my daily life, my life becomes more peaceful. I am able to live with a hope of the future, founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. I love this church so much because I have felt a witness of its truthfulness. I have not always felt this way. In the beginning of my college years, I desired to become a part of the scientific community. It was my first time being minority as a Latter-Day Saint. I made friends that did not believe in Jesus Christ, and I began to question whether I grew up with a belief at all or followed the majority. I began to question everything the church did in my mind and let go of principles I once knew to be true (doubt over faith). But as I persisted in this path, I realized how unhappy I became. I was angry all the time, and I wondered why I could not feel peace anymore. I began again to pray and read the scriptures. When I knelt, I immediately felt peace. This peace wasn't overwhelming, but it was enough to remind me of what I believed as a little child: God, our Heavenly Father, lives and listens to our prayers. I yearned for that peace again. As I continued to pray (faith over doubt), my happiness increased. I don't dare doubt my faith anymore, lest I lose this happiness. Each religious principle I've chosen to live has yielded something good in my life, the accumulation of which has become true joy. This is how I know this church is true. I am grateful for Jesus Christ, Who takes away all of my burdens and pain, even the pain of sin and rebellion that He takes away when I come to Him and ask for His help and forgiveness. I know Jesus Christ is real. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to rely on Him and trust Him with the greatest desires of my heart. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I have to bring this same message of hope, peace, and joy to others.

How I live my faith

I am currently a Sunday School teacher for children ages 10-11. It is an unpaid position that requires several hours of Gospel study during the week, as well as lesson preparation. This position is a large responsibility on my part because these are not my children, they are God's, so I have to do the best I can to present His pure doctrine. This means I cannot just make up principles in my head, I have to prayerfully seek out the doctrine behind the scriptures we read. I am fully accountable for whatever I will say so each word must be carefully researched. In the next one and a half years I have a blessed opportunity to serve the people of the Philippines in a proselyting mission. Although sisters are not required to serve, I have decided to put my education on hold in order to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This decision required financial sacrifice on mine and my parents' part, time away from my family, and all efforts focused on the work of the Lord. But I know as I serve that I will bless the lives of people around me more than I could if I was at home and bring the joy the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings just as the missionaries brought the Gospel to my family many years ago.