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Hi I'm Jenny

I'm a medical receptionist and a mother of 4--one with special needs. My husband is a police officer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I danced all my life and with dance companies while in college. I taught for a little while before kids started taking priority! I now have 4 beautiful children that are definitely my priority and joy! I've worked in the medical field as a biller and receptionist in hospital and doctor's office settings as well as in mental health. I currently work for a chiropractor and a family physician. I enjoy getting to know the patients and making our office a happy place to be. My husband is a police officer and that makes life a little different in our house. We don't get to operate like a "normal" family where dad comes home from work at 5:00 and go out on weekends to dinner and a movie. He works weekends and his days off are my days on at work, so we usually see each other in passing! My 5 year old son has PDD NOS--pervasive development disorder, not otherwise specified. This is an Autism spectrum disorder. He is pretty high functioning and started Kindergarten this year. His issues are with communication and understanding speech and body language. He has a few sensory issues and has trouble with transitions and change to his routine. He has helped me to learn and understand so much more about patience and unconditional love!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We went to church every Sunday, attended activities whenever possible and had a happy home life while I was growing up. My parents loved each other and are still happily married. It sounds picture perfect, and maybe it was compared to a lot of other people's childhood. But of course, no one is perfect. I wondered about the gospel and if it was worth living all the commandments I had learned all my life. I watched others around me and how people in other religions lived. I always tried to to what I should, but sometimes slipped up. Every teenager goes through a time of trial and error! Most importantly though, I was happiest when I did what I knew was right and what the Lord wanted and expected of me. I had the opportunity to go to college at an LDS church school. While in my freshman year, I really wanted to know for sure if all I had learned and lived while growing up was true. I had always heard that people had to gain a testimony for themselves. I thought I had one, but it quickly became apparent that I had relied on my parents' knowledge and testimony. I read my scriptures more often, prayed more earnestly and tried to listen for the Holy Ghost. I didn't have an earth shaking experience or a dream or vision of the truth. I began to wonder if I would ever REALLY know. One day I was sitting in my room reading my Book of Mormon. My bookmark was a picture of Jesus Christ that I would place on my bed beside me while reading. I don't remember what chapter or verse I was reading, but in an instant I felt like the Savior was looking at me and sending all His love straight into my heart! It passed quickly, but for that moment I KNEW HE LOVED ME! It is the single most important moment of my life. All that mattered was that He loves me. Everything I had learned HAD to be true because He loves me and wants me to know the truth! That's why I'm a Mormon and always will be--Jesus loves me!

How I live my faith

I have worked with the kids in our church for years and I love it! I've been involved in Cub Scouting, teaching singing and teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ to kids 11 and younger. I was the president of the organization for children in our church two different times. More recently, having so much to learn with my son and his disability has really opened my eyes and my heart to the kids even more. I have so much more patience and love for children. Not to say I'm perfect--far from it! I still have my difficult days and times, but I'm understanding more how our Father in Heaven loves each one of us individually as His children. I have helped out in our community with a program called Junior Miss--recently renamed to Distinguished Young Women. DYW is a program for high school junior girls to earn scholarship money by participating in a pageant-like program. They are judged on scholastic achievement, interview, self expression, physical fitness and talent. The overall theme of DYW is Be Your Best Self. I feel it's important to build confidence and skills in young women at this vulnerable time in their lives. I participated in Junior Miss when I was in high school and it definitely aided me in becoming confident and comfortable in my own skin. Currently, I serve the women over 18 in our church in much the same capacity. I help to organize monthly activities that will empower and educate women in all areas of their lives. We provide learning and service opportunities to help women be better mothers, wives and individuals. I think, as women, there's always that little voice whispering in our ears telling us we're not smart enough, not pretty enough, not accomplished enough. I try to organize events and activities that will help women build loving relationships with each other, foster self confidence and bring some fun and stress-free time to their lives!